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Klaroline Music Playlist: Add your favorite songs

Here at Pure Fandom, we absolutely love The Vampire Diaries and The OriginalsFun fact: TVD was one of the first shows Lindi and I actually covered on the website back when we were called “Team TV Supernatural Dramas” (who remembers those days?!)

I made a Steroline Wedding Playlist a few months back, and with all of the buzz about Candice Accola King appearing on the final season of The Originals to reprise her iconic role as Caroline Forbes (Salvatore), I thought it was appropriate to make a Klaroline playlist. I asked all of you amazing fans on Twitter to submit me your song ideas, and as promised, I have made a playlist. Want to know the best part about the playlist?

The playlist is collaborative! That’s right, you can add your favorite song(s) that reminds you of Klaroline to the playlist.

I added most of the songs you submitted on Twitter, but I know more are out there!

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Listen and add your Klaroline song(s) here:

*You need to open Spotify to add to the playlist. Also, I added a Birdy song, because DUH! #TVDFansYouKnow

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Here are some uh-mazing GIFs of Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes in their finest Klaroline moments while you listen to the playlist:

Klaroline Magazine

And of course…the ultimate:

TV Guide

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Join our Klaus Club for more Klaroline news:

When The Originals returns we will pick up our Klaus Club, where we do weekly giveaways for fans! Sign up here.


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Written by: Liz Prugh


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