‘Floribama Shore’ Series Premiere: 9 best moments

Floribama Shore Series Premiere: Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2, aired Nov. 27, 2017

Pack your bags, ya’ll – it’s time to get crazy on the shores of Panama City Beach! The 2 hour series premiere of MTV’s Jersey Shore spin-off had everything you’d expect from a show about drunken, southern millennials and it was the best kind of bonkers! On this show, the tans are real, the accents are thick and sh*t gets wild AF!

Check out the 9 best moments from the series premiere!


#1. Kortni goes wild. This girl is finally out of her parent’s house and she is ready to party. Kortni got drunk and mistook her roomie’s bed for a toilet. Later she peed in the trash can. WTF?! #Why

#2 Everything that Candace says. This woman is a ray of sunshine on an already sunny beach!

#3 Family. Drinks and bed wetting may have been the craziest part of the first episode, but it wasn’t the most memorable. At dinner, the house starts sharing things about their lives and things get emotional. Nilsa opens up to her roommates about her marriage, her miscarriage and her divorce and soon everyone is crying. It’s clear that this isn’t just going to be a show about getting drunk, but about the bonds between the cast.

#4 Nilsa’s confessional. It was weird that Gus asked Nilsa out on a date, but it prompted Nilsa’s goofball and totally relatable freak out in the confessional. Love her.

#5 Aimee’s work ethic. She doesn’t want to work because she is a “Princess Goddess Mermaid.” (Same.)


#6 Nilsa trying to order a pizza. Nilsa trying to order a pizza from information and then not knowing her address is hilarious! Who needs a man when you got yourself a whole pizza?!

#7 Having each other’s backs. Whether it was Jeremiah respecting Gus and his feels for Nilsa, or the girls willing to fight to protect each other – these peeps have each other’s backs and it’s actually pretty great.

#8 Mama Codi. It’s very clear in these eps that Codi is the Mama Bear of the house. He is gathering everyone up to go to the club and laying down some harsh truths. Preach on, Mama Codi.

#9 Kirk staying drama free. He’s just here to have some fun and enjoy the beach. Be a Kirk.

We can’t wait to see what unfolds on the Floribama Shore! It’s everything you want in a guilty pleasure, but with so much more heart.

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Watch Floribama Shore Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. 


Meg Bonney

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