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Crossover Catch-up: Everything you need to know for ‘Crisis on Earth-X’

Happy crossover week! Today and tomorrow, The CW will be airing a special four-part crossover event titled “Crisis on Earth-X.” Over the course of four hours, your favorite heroes from Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow will be teaming up to defeat invaders from the evil Earth-X.

Keeping up with four different television shows is tough business, and it’s easy to fall behind. Whether you’re a Legends fan who’s a little behind on Supergirl, or a The Flash fan who’s never seen Arrow, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the Arrowverse going into the crossover!


This season on Supergirl, heartbreak abounds. The season began with Kara mourning the loss of her boyfriend, Mon-el, after sending him away from Earth’s now toxic-for-him environment. Her sister, Alex, can relate. Even if you’ve never watched Supergirl, you’ve likely heard of “Sanvers,” the groundbreaking relationship at the heart of Alex Danvers’s iconic coming-out story last season. This season, Alex and Maggie started off engaged, but a couple weeks ago, Maggie walked out of Alex’s life, seemingly for good. The two ladies just couldn’t reconcile their different opinions on children. Alex is now heartbroken, but single, which may or may not be an important plot point in this year’s crossover.



Just when Kara had started to move on from her heartbreak over Mon-el’s absence, the daxamite returned… and brought his wife. He’s been living in the future for seven years (thanks to a wormhole) and has had lots of time to heal his heart and fall in love with Saturn Girl.

Long story short, the Danvers sisters are heartbroken going into the crossover.


Things are a little up in the air over on Arrow. Oliver (the Mayor of Star City) is currently out on bail (thanks to a 5 million dollar loan from Felicity and Curtis’s startup). What’s he on trial for, you ask? Only murder, assault, and vigilantism. Yep, Oliver Queen has been officially accused of being the Green Arrow. John Diggle has been donning the green leather in Oliver’s stead, partially due to the suspicion on Oliver, and partially because Oliver doesn’t want to put his son in danger of being an orphan. For the crossover, Oliver will take the mantle back up (temporarily) because Diggle is currently healing an injury which prohibits him from doing it himself.



Speaking of Diggle’s injury, it’s been a major plot point on Arrow lately. Diggle has a tremor from last season’s finale, and has been using various tactics (drugs, technology, etc.) to hide the issue. It all finally came to light last week, and it’s sure to be on Team Arrow’s mind going into the crossover.

On the romantic front, Oliver and Felicity are back together and going very strong. Their relationship is steadier than ever, and Felicity has been getting along very well with Oliver’s son, William, whom he now has sole custody of (William’s mother died in last season’s finale.)

Oh! And Thea has been in a coma the entire season, but woke up in the final moment’s of last Thursday’s episode – yay!

The Flash

The Flash seems to be the heart of the crossover this year – all of our favorite heroes will be gathering (initially) for the WestAllen (Barry Allen and Iris West) wedding. It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the couple – they (along with the rest of Team Flash) have been dealing with new villain The Thinker, a terrifyingly smart opponent who is seemingly prepared for all possible outcomes. In the process of investigating The Thinker, Barry got himself suspended from the Central City police force, so he’s off duty as a CSI for now.

Team Flash has also been dealing with Killer Frost, the alternate ego of Caitlin Snow (who, by the way, is Iris’s maid of honor.) Initially a villain, Frost now seems to be on the side of good, and it appears that she will be fighting alongside the other Arrowverse heroes in the crossover.


There’s a new, stretchy member of Barry’s team, Ralph (The Elongated Man), gifted with the ability to stretch and twist his entire body in, well, really gross ways. He’s not the most heroic guy around, and if he’s in the crossover, you may find yourself cringing over his misogynistic comments. He, like many other metahumans, gained his abilities due to Dark Matter exposure when Cisco was attempting to pull Barry back from the speedforce. These new metahumans have been running rampant around Central City, causing all kinds of havoc, and Team Flash is entirely to blame.

Last but not least, Wally West is back after taking a small hiatus from Team Flash. Wally left to gain some perspective after realizing that Team Flash hadn’t noticed his absence for an entire episode a few weeks ago.

Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends have been jumping around time (as per usual) simultaneously creating and fixing disasters. They started this season living normal lives – rather than time travelers, they were retail workers and app developers. It wasn’t long before the Legends were ripped from these mundane lives, and tasked with helping to neutralize Mallus, a new threat that came about after the team “broke time.”


Jax and Stein have been looking into separating Firestorm, but the split will come at a cost. While the plan was to transfer the power to Jax alone, splitting Firestorm will result in a depowered Jax. This is a problem, because while Stein wants to leave the team, Jax is happy where he is.

Also, Sara Lance/White Canary is a total badass and amazing leader, as always. And she has a new suit!


Which Arrowverse show is your favorite? Are you looking forward to the crossover? Chime in down below or find us on Twitter – @Pure_Fandom and @reagandpierce! And for more heroic adventures, check out our Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash pages!!

Crisis on Earth X begins tonight at 8/7c with Supergirl and Arrow, and continues tomorrow with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

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