The 8 best moments from ‘The Gifted’ “threat of eXtinction”

The Gifted: Season 1, Episode 8, “threat of eXtinction,” Aired Nov. 20, 2017

The Gifted
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#1. Reed’s dad is a mutant!

After finding out that his dad worked for the organization that turned Pulse, Reed decides he needs to pay him a visit. Reed wasn’t close to his dad growing up and hasn’t spoken to him since before the kids were born. Thunderbird accompanies Reed to see his dad, and at first, he doesn’t want to see Reed. Once Reed mentions that Andy and Lauren have abilities, his dad comes around. He tells Reed that he’s a mutant himself. Reed was also one but his father developed a drug that he thought got rid of the gene. We’re thinking it just suppressed it. It almost killed Reed but it worked. Reed’s dad tells him that he has to protect his kids. Together they are more powerful than anything else on earth.

#2. Lorna is not very forgiving.

Lorna is still really pissed at Eclipse. As we’ve said before, she’s not someone you want to have on your bad side. Eclipse keeps trying to explain to Lorna that he is working with the cartel for them. Lorna sees it as Eclipse being tied to his ex-girlfriend for all eternity. Hey, no one ever said women were rational. Lorna plays with knives and is pretty badass though, so she can do what she wants. Lorna is also having issues wrapping her mind around the two of them raising a baby when their world is falling apart. She does eventually forgive him, but it’s only after finding out what Sentinel Services does to their prisoners from one of the refugees.

The Gifted
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#3. Strucker family history.

It just so happens that the X-gene is inherited. Reed learned that not only was his dad a mutant but the mutant gene in their family goes way beyond them. Reed’s grandfather and great-aunt were terrorists. They were known as “Fenris.” When working together they were more powerful than anything on earth. The abilities in the Strucker family set them apart. This is the reason that Reed’s dad developed the vaccine to eliminate the X-gene. He’s now convinced it didn’t work since Andy and Lauren have powers. Hence, why we think that Reed’s mutation is just suppressed. What a twist it would be if Reeds powers come back. Lauren and Andy can be deadly. All they have to do is join hands.

#4. New Refugees.

Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Blink head to a church to pick up new refugees. Sentinel Services are hitting the mutant sanctuaries as well. They weren’t aware at the time but one of the mutants they pick up is actually a spy for Sentinel. Chloe is working undercover and is found with weapons and a GPS tracker. With the help of Kate, Andy, and Lauren they’re able to sedate Chloe. They learn that Dr. Campbell is keeping them drugged and that’s how he’s able to turn them against each other. They also find out that Sentinel Services killed Chloe’s husband and took her child. We totally understand why she’s working for them not. Not just the drugs, but she’s a mother trying to get her child back.

The Gifted
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#5. Blink the mentor.

One of the refugees picked up is a little girl that is all alone. Blink tries to break her shell but the little girl is resistant at first. Nora finally opens up. Blink finds out that Nora was in the same foster home as she was. The little girl was there when her foster parents were slaughtered by Sentinel. Blink tells Nora that they’re special because they look different from everyone else. That seems to help Nora feel better. Nora also brings Blink and Dreamer close together. Blink tells Dreamer what Nora has been through knowing that Dreamer can take those memories away.

#6. Keep your thoughts close.

Esme is a telepath and came into the underground with the refugees from the church. Thanks to her they learned that Chloe was hiding something. Kate asks Esme to read her and instantly seems like she regrets it. Esme tells her that she’s worried about her family and afraid that she and her husband will end up on the opposite side of the kids. Esme tells Kate that she’s sorry and she could be wrong. We’re thinking she hit a little too close to home. Everyone in the underground should probably keep their thoughts to themselves…If that’s even possible.

The Gifted
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#7. Paging Dr. Strucker.

Even though Kate is just a nurse, she’s become the doctor for the underground. She stitches people up, resets broken bones, and administers medicine. So not only is Kate a kick-ass mom, she’s also a kick-ass medical professional. It helps the mutants stay underground since they don’t have to leave to seek medical attention. Not that there are many hospitals in the area that would treat them and if they did they could be arrested.

#8. Sentinel Services are not playing around.

It becomes clear that Dr. Campbell means business. He will do whatever it takes to get to Lauren and Andy. It’s thanks to Dr. Campbell that Reed is burying his father and Thunderbird is burying Pulse. Thanks to him coming into the antique shop Papa Strucker and Pulse sort of canceled each other out with their powers. Dr. Campbell was injured in the blast as well but it’s not life-threatening, unfortunately. Back at the underground, Chloe has also passed away. Whatever the doctor is giving them caused her to die from withdrawal. The deaths have brought everyone closer together. Including Lauren and Andy, who join hands after finding out about their grandfather’s death.

The Gifted
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5 Questions we must have answered:

  1. Was Reed’s X-gene just suppressed? Will he eventually develop powers?
  2. Lauren and Andy have joined hands. Does this mean they’re more powerful than ever?
  3. Blink and Dreamer are now working together. Does this mean Blink has forgiven her for what she did?
  4. Will Dr. Campbell ever catch up with the underground?
  5. Where was Agent Turner?

With only two episodes left in the first season, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to find out what will happen! What did you think of this episode of The Gifted? Tweet us your reactions to the episode at @Pure_Fandom or @ndintelman34.

The Gifted airs Monday’s at 9/8c on FOX

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