‘Supernatural’ recap: 13×07 “War of the Worlds”

Supernatural recap: Season 13, Episode 7, “War of the Worlds,” Aired Thursday, November, 23, 2017

Well, the writers finally addressed half of my only problem left with this season. Lucifer graced our lovely screens this week! We get to see how things went with this AU!Michael that he was fighting with the last time we saw him. I’m not gonna lie. It ain’t pretty. It basically ends up being a war of the worlds, and a very intense custody battle for our favorite nephilim. Also, there were a few extra familiar faces. Some we were happy about, some…no-so-much.

Where’s Jack?

War of the Worlds

Unfortunately, it is becoming a recurring part of our weekly discussion to explain that Jack is missing. As you recall, last week he decided that he was bad because he had accidentally killed someone while trying to kill the bad guy. Can can’t find him. The boys can’t find him. Later, we find out that NO ONE in the universe can find him. It almost makes you wonder who is protecting him so well. Is there a possible appearance from his all-powerful grandpa Chuck in our future? Who knows?

A Whole New World

War of the Worlds

There are only a handful of fandoms (and no social circles outside of fandom life) that are excited to have the Devil back. I was pleased that we finally got to see what happened to Lucifer in this alternate universe. However, I was not happy with what I saw. AU!Michael has been torturing him. Also, he has a plan to get to our world. Guess what help he has?

None other than, prophet of the Lord: Kevin Tran! We always talk about how we miss dead characters, but we don’t really appreciate how much we miss them until we see them again. Kevin informs Michael that there is a spell to open the rift back to our world. All it takes is just a tiny bit of archangel’s grace. A kewpie doll for whoever can tell me where they get the grace from. During the spell, AU!Kevin tells Luci that AU!Michael promised to take him to our so-called “paradise world” so he could meet hot girls. Luckily for our Lucie, when he was able to jump through, and then it closed.

Custody Battle

War of the Worlds
Heaven’s Brightest

Poor, misguided Castiel went to some angel friends to try to get them to help locate Jack. What he found out was that the angels want to find Jack…and use him. There’s been a lot of dead angels over the years, and they want to make some more. They basically need Jack to be a battery, daddy Cas is not having that for our little cinnamon roll. A fight starts, and gets ended by the arrival of Lucifer. All he’s got to do is flash those pretty, red eyes and the angels run with their tails between their legs. Which is good; because apparently, after the hijacking of some of his grace, he is slightly powered down. Uh-oh.

Oh My Chuck!

War of the Worlds

Lucifer takes Cas on a date to explain everything he saw and to try to get Cas to agree to the two of them teaming up with Jack against AU!Michael when he does show up here. Newsflash! Cas has an attitude and I love it. He doesn’t trust Lucifer, and he’s extremely protective of Jack and it makes this entire conversation very fun. Cas accidentally let slip that they have no idea where Jack is. Then, there is this adorable moment where Cas was going to tell Dean what was going on over the phone, but Lucifer walked up so Cas switched gears and “pretended” he was speaking to a significant other he was eager to see. Awwww….


War of the Worlds

Oh, I almost forgot! This show is about the Winchesters! Sill me. Any who, the boys occupied themselves with a case about a serial killer targeting witches. Through their excellent detective work, they find out that the killer is looking for Rowena. Oh, also, he looks exactly like Ketch. Now, he tried for a long time to sell the boys 0n the idea that he was, in fact, Ketch’s twin. But we’re all smarter than that–except for Sam. Apparently, at one point he made a deal with Rowena about coming back after he died, but she has to recharge the spell to keep it effective. Too bad she’s dead. There was a fun little moment though, where Dean had labels on all of the phones, just like Bobby!

The Devil You Know

War of the Worlds

The thorn in my side, Asmodeus, still thinks he has a claim to Jack. While he’s looking, he senses Lucifer’s return to this realm. We can tell by Lucifer’s reaction to his presence that he is still less than full-power. Unfortunately, Asmodeus knows it, too. He and his lackeys take Cas and Lucifer before the episode ends. What now?

Ok. So, Lucifer is back. There was a bunch of talking about Mary. But…where the hell IS Mary?! And Jack? I need next week’s episode…NOW! Even though it looks like a filler episode, and I have absolutely no idea what will get accomplished. Probably just increasing my anger level. Also, as long as we keep bringing back dead characters from alternate universes, I have a special request. Charlie MF’n Bradbury, bitches! That is all.

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Supernatural airs Thursdays, at 8/7PM CST on The CW.

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