5 Shows to get you hooked into the anime fandom

So you want to dive into the anime universe?

Beginnings are tough – at least they are for me. This is my first article, and believe you me, I had the bulk of the below finished before I tackled this introduction. There are so many questions to answer. Where do I begin? How should I introduce you to my style, my thoughts? What would get you, my reader, hooked into what I have to say? Fortunately, when I am really passionate about something (read: obsessed) it makes the task of sharing a much easier one. I may ramble and go off topic, but in this instance, I have a goal. I wholeheartedly believe that more people should enjoy anime in all its delicious flavors.

Knowing where to start in a medium that has selections that have episode counts that number in the hundreds, it can feel a little a little daunting to try to find something that speaks to you. While there are many possibilities, it makes sense to have plan when making suggestions. I tried to keep things simple in picking my suggestions – I limited myself to animes that had complete English dubs, were available on popular streaming services, and are short enough to binge. I feel like these criteria are central to getting into anime. When you can understand the language, easily find the thing you want to watch, and watch straight through, it encourages you to find something new to try when you finish.

Currently popular – My Hero Academia

Image: Funimation

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world filled with superpowers? With 80% of the population possessing some kind of quirk there’s a real chance you’d end up with some sort of unique power – unless you’re the main character of this ongoing series. Izuku is one of the unlucky few that are born quirkless. Through determination and help from his friends, he does everything in his powerless hands to become a hero with a fearless smile to inspire others.


Trapped in another world – Sword Art Online

Season 1
Image: Aniplex

Becoming trapped in a different world can be a scary thing but it is made worse when you’re stuck playing a madman’s game of death. Kirito is held hostage in the latest Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game and must clear the 100 floor castle in the sky to save everyone trapped in the game. Our lone wolf hero is overpowered and friendless, but finds an equal to fight alongside and reason enough to want to free everyone from the virtual prison.


Thriller – Erased

Image: Aniplex

What would you do if you could go back in time and change how things turned out? I’d guess we’d hear a lot of selfish answers in response to that hypothetical. In Erased, Satoru is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary ability – he can relive the last few minutes before a discomforting moment and make changes that save people’s lives. The butterfly effect is in full effect for Satoru’s decisions. Will his changes be the right thing for the future?


Comedy – The Devil is a Part Timer

Devil is a Part Timer
Image: Funimation

Ever wonder what type of job the devil would have if he was stuck on Earth? Maybe he’d be a telemarketer or politician or used car salesman…well the only way Sadao Maou can make ends meet in modern Japan is as a part time fast food worker. The Devil King lives a life close to a comedy of errors. His most trusted general goes over the household budget with a discerning eye, his most hated enemy stalks him constantly and he’s far more interested in a high school girl’s crush on him than he is on conquering the world.


Dark – The Future Diary

Future Diary
Image: Funimation

The only way to win a game run by the God of Time and Space is to survive. However to make the game more interesting, he’s provided the players with personalized diaries that can tell the future. Yukiteru is somewhat of an unwilling participant in this game but protected by those that are invested in seeing him win the game. I’m not sure I could survive but it becomes increasingly apparent that Yukiteru will do anything to be the last man standing and set things right.

Well there you have it – something for everyone. I’m confident that if you give any of these five animes a shot you’ll be hooked. I hope you’ll come back and let me know what you think of my suggestions!

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