‘This Is Us’ recap: 2×09 “Number Two”

This Is Us recap: Season 2, Episode 9, “Number Two,” Aired Nov. 21, 2017

While last week’s episode was quite the tearjerker with Kevin, this time around we dealt with triplet number two — follow along with Kate and the 24 hours that occurred for her as she suffered a devastating miscarriage. The episode essentially follows the same timeline as “Number One,” showing Kate’s point of view in the past and present.


This Is Us 2x09
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Kate is preparing for her upcoming doctor’s visit and is doing all of the things she is supposed to do to prepare for the baby. After talking to Toby about a baby item he has ordered for the tub, she goes to measure their tub to make sure it will fit. Unfortunately, their happy morning takes a turn for the worse when she shows signs of miscarrying.

At the doctor’s, Kate is understandably in shock, not speaking as her doctor explains she can still try again within weeks. This is not what she wants to hear at the moment and we soon see Kate is just set on trying to live her life. Everyone responds differently to loss and Kate’s way is to try and not think about the pain she is carrying.

Toby wants to take care of Kate and just take time to be with her, even though Kate is set on going to work. To keep himself busy, Toby cleans the house, getting rid of the broken shower rod and putting things away. Then he realizes the baby gift he ordered is out for delivery and he tries to intercept the package. Considering how devastating this experience was for the two of them and how painful it is for Kate, who has yet to face her feelings, it’s understandable that Toby is trying to do all he can to protect her.

Kate’s future

This Is Us 2x09
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While her parents get ready for Kevin’s visit with the coach, Kate focuses on taking care of her dog, Louie. Rebecca is trying to find out what her college plans are since the boys have been more open than Kate.

After Rebecca tries to talk to Kate, she is cleaning up her room when she finds a college application form. She also discovers an audition tape for the Berklee School of Music. Rebecca is surprised since Kate never talked to her about it. She listens to her daughter’s audition tape (where we learn Kate’s middle name is Emily). Hearing young Kate sing through various scenes of her future self and Toby in the present was both beautiful and haunting.

Of all three children, Kate is the one who keeps her feelings to herself from her mother. While Kevin may express himself with his attitude, Kate prefers not to open up to Rebecca because of feeling like she has to be perfect. In fact, she reveals she does not want to disappoint Rebecca if she doesn’t get into the college of her choice.

When Toby goes to get Kate from work but finds out she isn’t there. In desperation and confusion, he calls Kevin, which is the call we saw Kevin ignore in the previous episode.

Despite Toby trying to do what he can to help Kate, he is also having a hard time with the loss. He had been looking forward to being a father and seeing Kate the way she is must be hard for him to handle.

Mother’s Love

This Is Us 2x09
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Through the episode, Kate was avoiding her mother’s calls and texts. She was not yet to tell her about losing the baby. Even when she gets into contact with her, Kate still can’t talk about it. Kate is clearly suffering silently and needs help, but she is not ready to face what happened.

When Toby comes home after searching for Kate, the two get into an argument over how they have both been dealing with what happened. Kate blurts out that the miscarriage happened to her, making Toby feel very hurt. He may not have suffered the way she did, but he still lost a child. The two spend the night separately and Toby isn’t home when she wakes up.

Instead, a knock on the door comes and Kate sees her mother standing there. Without a word, Kate breaks down as Rebecca holds her daughter. The scene mirrors a moment between teenage Kate and Rebecca while they waited in the hospital for Kevin’s MRI. After learning why Kate hadn’t opened up to her about her college plans, Rebecca tells her daughter that when she is ready, Rebecca will be there to welcome her in her arms.

It took many years, but the moment came when Kate truly needed it. It’s even more touching when you consider the distance between the two not just emotionally but distance wise. Rebecca lives closer to Randall, meaning as soon as she got the news, she made plans to go see her daughter. She was going through an unbearable loss and Rebecca came to her immediately.  Having once told Kate that she would be there waiting, Rebecca held her in her arms as Kate finally let out her grief.

Sharing the moment

This Is Us 2x09
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Rebecca and Kate have a touching heart to heart as the former tells Kate her experience with losing a child. She never held Kyle or had a final goodbye with him. It took a long time for her to open up to Jack. We saw this in previous episodes where Rebecca dealt with her pain herself. It was hard for her to deal with not just losing a child but also holding in her grief.

After telling Kate a story about a shopping trip she had with them, Rebecca shares how opening up to Jack helped her open her heart to the triplets. This was a beautiful scene between Rebecca and Kate. They still may have their issues to work through, but this brought them together. Rebecca had suffered a loss herself and could not only help her daughter work through her feelings but also give her the push she needed to work things out with Toby.


This Is Us 2x09
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Once Toby comes home, Kate makes amends, telling Toby her fears of disappointing him. She is also willing to try again at a later date to have another baby. The two begin the healing process together. This includes fixing the shower rod, which could be symbolic of their own relationship healing.

As teenage Kate watches her parents outside the hospital, we segue toward the story of “Number Three,” which is Randall. Unlike Kate, we don’t know what Randall’s story will be. But one thing is for sure. He will surprise us and I can’t wait to see what is next for our math genius and cool dad.

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