‘Supernatural’ recap: 13×06 “Tombstone”

Supernatural recap: Season 13, Episode 6, “Tombstone,” Aired Thursday, November, 16, 2017

I can not stop smiling about this episode. And neither can Dean! Everything is coming up roses for once! Cas is back, they have a case, there’s cowboys. What more could we want really?

Best Reunion EVER!


Cas is back! Cas is back! Cas is back! I can’t say it enough! First, he had a magical reunion with Dean that we have all been waiting for. Then, the boys brought him to the bunker where he meets Jack for the first time. We see that Jack really only woke him up with wishful thinking, and had no idea he would actually succeed. And the reunion was everything we expected from the soon-to-be father/son pair.

But then, I annoyed an ancient, cosmic being so much that he sent me back.


Team Freewill 2.0

Perez Hilton

Dean has his favorite angel back, and it appears that he has Jack to thank for that. Consequently, Dean starts to treat Jack a lot better than he has been. It is obvious that Cas’s death was the biggest grudge Dean was holding. After all, they do have that profound bond. While the boys were retrieving the angel, Jack finally mastered the internet and has found a case; in Dodge City, Kansas. Awesome! Two Winchesters, an angel, and an archangel-spawned nephilim? Ladies and gentleman, I give you: Team Freewill 2.0!

Brokeback Supernatural


Dean once again gets to immerse himself in the magical world of cowboys in this episode. They are staying in a hotel suite that is covered in Old West memorabilia and Cas gets to inform Jack of just how much Dean loves cowboys. There is an adorable scene where we learn that Dean and Cas had a movie night once upon a time, where they watched the movie Tombstone together. I want a deleted scene! There’s bolo ties, cowboy hats, exaggerated accents. It’s golden.

Ghoul Times


The creature of the week ends up being a ghoul (not zombie, sorry Jack) that is dating the undertaker. That’s actually pretty genius. The only reason he even alerted the authorities is that he started grave robbing and pawning off jewelry. His girlfriend, who had a very Abby Sciuto vibe from NCIS, was about to leave for cosmetology school, so he went out in the daytime to rob a bank for her to have enough money to stay. He had been wearing the skin of a famous gunslinger that Dean knew about from his fetish…I mean, obsession. So it was easy to track him down and take him down.

Unfortunately, during the bank robbery, in an effort to take out the ghoul, Jack accidentally killed the bank security guard. Everyone, including Dean, tries to inform Jack that this is just a hazard of the job. They simply can not save every single person. It’s a hard truth to accept, and it might take him awhile. But, maybe since Dean is on his side, he can come out of the funk a little sooner than expected. This entire storyline for Jack just makes me want to give him a giant hug and tell him everything is gonna be okay! Sadly, Jack knocked everyone back just in time for him to run away to try to sort through his feelings by himself.

In Conclusion…

Overall, I absolutely loved how uplifting this episode was. Dean being happy again is exactly what we as a fandom needed. There was a very distict early seasons vibe with the carefree attitudes and more jokes than sadness. But since this is this show there was still sadness. Once again, my only complaint about this episode: We haven’t seen Mary and Lucifer in a while, and I’m starting to get worried!


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