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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend recap: 3×06 “Josh is Irrelevant.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: 3×06 “Josh is Irrelevant.” aired Nov. 17, 2017.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend picks up where last week’s left off – Rebecca is in the hospital after her suicide attempt.

No one is sure how to handle Rebecca’s attempt. Paula has gone overboard on the motherliness, being clingy and overbearing, with the best intentions. Valencia takes to updating Rebecca’s friends via Facebook videos, but it quickly spirals out of control. Heather invites a plus one (Hector) to the hospital, but seems to be the most rational of the friends.


Rebecca’s doctor informs her that she’s been misdiagnosed over the years, and she’s thrilled at the idea of a new diagnosis. This leads us to our first musical number, “A Diagnosis” in which Rebecca belts out her hopes in being given a new diagnosis – basically that it will solve all of her problems, and “fix” her.

In therapy, Rebecca learns that her new doctor believes that she has Borderline Personality Disorder. Against his recommendation, Bex immediately looks up this diagnosis. Here’s what the internet tells her:

Borderline Personality Disorder is

  • One of the most stigmatized diagnoses
  • Treatment often takes a lifetime
  • Many psychiatrists refuse to treat patients with BPD
  • Personality disorders are among the most challenging to treat
  • Treatment is often slow and difficult
  • 10% of all people with BPD eventually commit suicide

For obvious reasons, she’s a bit freaked out.

Back at Rebecca’s house, Valencia continues live-streaming Rebecca’s progress. It’s clearly much more about Valencia than Rebecca, and Heather is so not here for it. She thankfully puts the camera away when Rebecca arrives and breaks down over her new and scary diagnosis.

“It’s not something I have, it’s something I am. This is what I feared my whole life – I’m broken.” -Rebecca

Paula suggests a second opinion, so her and Rebecca head to Dr. Akopian’s house (at night, with no appointment.) Dr. Akopian questions whether Rebecca went to group therapy (which she did not.) Dr. Akopian goes through a the following checklist with Rebecca:

9 Tendencies of People with BPD

  • Severe Mood Swings
  • Profound Fear of Abandonment
  • Instability in Relationships
  • Unstable Sense of Identity
  • Paranoia or Dissociative Episode
  • Excessive and Frequent Anger
  • Feelings of Emptiness
  • Impulsive Behavior
  • Reccurring Suicide Threats or Attempts

Rebecca only has to exhibit five of these tendencies to qualify as having Borderline Personality Disorder, but as we see in a series of flashbacks, she hits all nine. Rebecca realizes this, and finally accepts her diagnosis.

Meanwhile, Josh is certain that Rebecca’s suicide is about him. It’s not.

“Being suicidal has nothing to do with any one life event or person. It’s more of a general mental illness thing.” – Hector

Josh seems to want this to be about him, for some reason. But the title of the episode holds true. In all things related to Rebecca’s suicide attempt, Josh is irrelevant.

The Girl Squad is really worried about Rebecca, so worried, in fact, that they basically freak out when Bex goes to the bathroom. Paula knocks, but Rebecca can’t hear her (cause she has her headphones in – it’s the moment from the end of this season’s intro!) Rebecca opens the bathroom door to Heather swinging an ax, muttering “hey, girl…” It’s a great moment of levity in an otherwise serious episode.


Valencia breaks down post bathroom incident, and reveals that she’s actually terrified of losing Rebecca, which is why she’s been so focused on the live-streaming. She asks Rebecca to promise her that she won’t ever attempt suicide again. Rebecca’s response is one of the most honest moments of the entire series:

“I would love to promise you that. I would love to promise you all that. But I can’t. Look, the way I felt on that plane, I don’t ever wanna feel like that again. And now that I know what I have, I hope I can get the help that I need. But the truth is, I don’t know what the future holds – so I just can’t promise anything to anybody, even myself.”

It’s quickly followed by Daryl bursting in (extremely sunburned) with concern for Rebecca. It’s adorable. He says that he knew he was burning but he had to come see his girl – “who needs skin?” Ugh, Daryl kind of makes us want to cry. He’s just so pure. Daryl says that the attempt was Josh’s fault, to which Rebecca responds that she hasn’t thought of Josh in days. He’s irrelevant. Josh is outside with a gift puppy and hears this moment – which is good. It’s important for Josh to realize how much this is not about him.

Towards the end of the episode, Rebecca agrees to group therapy. When she arrives home, Nathaniel is there with a bouquet of flowers and a very sweet note. Also, Rebecca’s stolen stuffed alligator.

Nathaniel’s Subplot

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Nathaniel’s powerful story this week. The subplot of this episode followed Nathaniel, as he realized that his mother had once attempted suicide. Upon hearing about Rebecca, he has flashbacks to finding his mother unconscious next to an empty bottle of pills. His parents insist that he’s misremembering, feeding him an obvious lie about her having the flu. Eventually, his mother admits the truth, and it’s a touching moment for the two of them. She sends him to Rebecca’s house with a bouquet of roses from her garden.


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