12 Best Disney lullabies for Millennial parents

The media calls us “millennials,” but I like to affectionately refer to my generation as “the Disney generation.” We were all raised on Disney movies and know most if not all of the classics by heart. However, we didn’t follow Peter Pan’s advise, and we all grew up! Now we are all of the age where it is expected of us to start having children. Many parents of the Disney generation are worried that their children will not love the classics as much as they did. I have the solution: Disney lullabies!

And because I love you all, I included the sing-along versions so that you can buff up on your lyrics before you find a softer instrumental track and sing to your child yourself.

Someday My Prince Will Come–Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The movie that started Walt’s great empire gives us the foundation of what we all loved to believe. One day, our Prince Charming will show up so that we can live happily ever after.

When You Wish Upon A Star–Pinocchio

Whether you know all the words or not, I am sure everyone can recognize the iconic music of the Disney logo before every movie. If you’re like me, you even remember the corny VHS commercials that would sing the song and then ask the Super Bowl winners where they were going now. Answer? “I’m going to Disney World!”

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes–Cinderella

Classic Disney really had a thing with dreams! What better message to give your little as they are drifting off then to encourage their active imaginations as they sleep.

Once Upon A Dream–Sleeping Beauty

If only it were really this easy, just start singing and dancing and your prince magically appears and starts dancing with you!

A Whole New World–Aladdin

We all remember watching this movie and wishing we had our own magic carpet. This song will always remind us that all we need is to be open to new perspectives.

Kiss the Girl–The Little Mermaid

The easy jazz/Caribbean tones of this song make it the perfect song to lull your little to a peaceful rest. Just don’t watch the video while you are singing to your baby or you might yell at Eric for not just KISSING her already!

Beauty and the Beast–Beauty and the Beast

No one can deny that this song was a major part of their childhood. And we know we ALL wanted Belle’s dress from this scene. However, the song itself is just slow enough to dance your little princess to dreamland.

Colors of the Wind–Pocahontas

No one ever said you couldn’t teach your children valuable principles at bedtime. Sing your precious, little thing to sleep with this colorful anthem.


Another song that had a totally relatable message for a lot of us growing up. Be yourself and teach your children to do the same!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight–The Lion King

It is totally up to you if want to sing this version, or the Elton John version to your child. Though, if you chose to go with this version, I strongly suggest you edit out the parts with Timon and Pumbaa. But just when you’re putting your kids down, because it’s really funny.

You’ll be in My Heart–Tarzan

This message is exactly what you want to sing to your child at the end of the day! The fact that it’s from Tarzan is just a bonus!

How Far I’ll Go–Moana

This one is from a newer movie, but it is already an iconic song. If you just soften up the big notes, it can make a wonderful Disney lullaby.

Honorable Mention

Once Upon A December–Anastasia

I know! I know! Technically, not a Disney movie. but this movie was a HUGE part of my childhood, and I loved this song, and if you don’t think it’s a perfect lullaby, you are lying.

Well, there you have it! This is my list. Hopefully, with this list we can keep the next generation as awesomely in the world of Disney as we were. What songs do you wish I would have added? Catch me on twitter @Fandom_Airlines.


RoseMary Blankenship

RoseMary was obsessed with Disney before she could talk. As she grew up, so did her fandoms. If there are princesses or superheroes, there is a good chance she is addicted to it.

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