‘Gotham’ recap: 4×09 “Let Them Eat Pie”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 09, “Let Them Eat Pie,” Aired Nov 16, 2017

GotHAM returns! Professor Pyg ruins pie for us, right in time for Thanksgiving. Although I’m confident that none of us will be partaking in cannibalism next Thursday. While Pyg crashes Sofia’s party, if you recall, Bruce has been doing some partying of his own. At the same time, Jim Gordon begins his reign as captain of the GCPD. And somehow, all the stories overlap and come together. Well done, writers.

Everyone have a seat and enjoy this pre-Thanksgiving recap.

Gotham recap 4x09 let them eat pie professor pyg cooks victims

Captain James Gordon

Gotham recap 4x09 let them eat pie captain james jim gordon

I have to admit, “Captain James Gordon” looks good painted on a door. Unfortunately, things are still uneasy with Harvey, who claims “Gotham doesn’t need heroes. It needs people who will do what is necessary.” Meanwhile, Jim still believes in the best of people. They’ve never really been on the same page on this matter, but it’s driving a wedge in between them and breaking up an incredible bromance.

Despite the breakup of the bromance, Captain James Gordon does suit him. I’m hopeful that Jim and Harvey won’t be fighting forever. Fingers crossed for a reconciliation soon.

Sofia will answer for what she’s done

Gotham recap 4x09 let them eat pie penguin oswald cobblepot sofia falcone

Things between Oswald and Sofia are escalating as he is almost certain that she is playing him. So naturally, he recruits his mini-me as a spy. Sofia seems to be aware that Oswald is skeptical, but she does a nice job hiding it behind friendship. But it’s not enough. He knows that she is the one that paid off the mayor to promote Jim. And now Oswald considers Sofia as his enemy.

Oswald confronts Sofia about how she went behind his back, warning her against it in the future. He only spares her because she was willing to eat her people pie for the sake of Martin’s life (see more about this later in the recap). Oswald appreciates the loyalty. It will be interesting to see how their relationship plays out, especially since Martin lets Oswald know about Bruce and Sofia’s secret relationship at the end of this episode.

Smells like teen spirit

Gotham recap 4x09 let them eat pie bruce wayne is a teenager

Bruce’s partying has given him an attitude, and Alfred is not having any of it. Alfred’s cure – a camping trip (just like Bruce’s father used to take with Bruce). Unfortunately, Bruce does not appreciate the trip, and he leaves Alfred stranded at the campsite. Alfred walks home to find Bruce hosting a party at Wayne Manor. He is quick to break up the party with his super intense protective butler act, but he turns into the caring, fatherly Alfred we know and love as soon as he is alone with Bruce. But Bruce is a teenager and mouths off to Alfred.

We all know Alfred will stick around despite the cruel treatment because he is fiercely loyal. We don’t deserve the wonderfulness that is Alfred.

Chop, chop

Gotham recap 4x09 let them eat pie professor pyg extravagant display

Professor Pyg just gets more and more extravagant with his plots. First, he arranges corpses in a display, then he cooks his victims. Using a Jonathan Swift quote, Professor Pyg leaves Gordon a clue about where he will be serving up those victims – at Sofia’s banquet for her orphanage, of course.

Gotham recap 4x09 let them eat pie Penguin eats people pie professor pyg

Professor Pyg serves up meat pies stuffed with people, accompanied by a pretty comical musical number (with Martin on the triangle). Of course, nobody is willing to eat the people-filled pies, at least not until Pyg threatens Penguin’s new friend. With Martin’s life on the line, Penguin not only eats his own pie, but he forces everyone else in attendance to eat theirs, too.

Gotham recap 4x09 let them eat pie jim gordon professor pyg cannabalism people pies

And then, in comes Captain Gordon, showing off impressive knife-dodging skills and facing off with Professor Pyg before arresting him. Somehow, I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Pyg.


In two weeks, Gotham returns. Every trailer gets more intense than the last. The next episode contains Jim versus the newly-arrested Pyg. Even though he’s in jail, the Pyg doesn’t appear to be done tormenting Gotham. Penguin confronts Sofia, and Zsasz comes back from his vacation. We also return to the Narrows in the next episode, which brings the return of the sirens of Gotham, Nygma, Grundy, and Lee. Also in the trailer is a flash of what looks like a possible Riddler return! We should be approaching midseason hiatus soon (boo), so expect things to end on a cliffhanger.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and make sure to check back in on November 30!


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