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‘Dynasty’ recap episode 1×06 “I Exist Only for Me”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 6, “I Exist Only for Me”, Aired Nov. 15th, 2017

Things are getting pretty cold where Fallon is concerned in this episode. Except this time, she’s the one at risk for exposure, instead of dealing out ice like usual. It seems everyone has had just about enough of her crap. On the flip side, we’ve got Cristal bringing in a pregnant Claudia as a house guest. Does this feel a little “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” to anyone else?

Dynasty recap episode 1x06

Hit me baby one more time

It seems that Jeff just may be a glutton for punishment as he gives in pretty quickly to Fallon. That, or the man is truly experiencing some feelings. As much of a brat as Fallon can be, we really hope there are some feelings developing. We also must admit that we love when Fallon is vindictive. It’s fun! We know, we’re shameless.

Dynasty recap episode 1x06


Once Fallon has fallen into Jeff’s good graces once more, she reveals that they need to have a launch party at his place. It’s for a client and there is just no way she can throw it herself now that she’s living in a hotel. Right? Jeff gives in pretty quickly and the party planning begins!

No party like a Carrington-Colby party

Fallon seems to be working her way right out of her little funk at the successful going party. Until she sees Michael with another woman. Kori has decided that she likes Michael and has no problem being in public with him. Fallon takes a turn towards heavy drinking in order to try and get through the rest of the night. Why didn’t she just hang herself off Jeff? We think that’s a pretty solid plan. We know. Shameless.

Dynasty recap episode 1x06

Fallon goes for broke as she goes after Michael when he visits the bathroom. Jeez, Fallon, can’t a man use the facilities in peace? Michael holds his ground with Fallon pretty well and isn’t about to get involved with her again. At least, not for now. We kind of hope it stays that way.

Dynasty recap episode 1x06

Fallon is sure to leave the bathroom before Michael so Kori will see. Even though nothing happened, Kori naturally assumes otherwise. It is Fallon, after all. But, all is well that ends well. Michael and Kori seem to be doing just fine later on in the evening. By just fine, we mean that they left the party together and it was pretty clear that there wouldn’t be any door drop offs. Honestly, we’re kind of on team Michael and Kori.

Awkward situations

Now that Blake has struck Claudia with her vehicle, the next move is clear. Oh, no, they took her to the hospital of course. What were you thinking? We certainly weren’t talking about killing her. Somehow, after finding out Claudia is pregnant, Cristal convinces Claudia to come back and stay at the mansion with them. Claudia insists that it’s only because it makes the most sense. Clearly, Blake struck her in the head when he hit her with his car.

Dynasty recap episode 1x06

We may be alone here, but a small part of us wonder if Cristal wants Claudia’s baby. She could just be trying to make up for sleeping with Claudia’s husband. But we’re leaning towards baby snatching. Mostly because that’s just way more fun.

Dynasty recap episode 1x06

Blake doesn’t really seem down with the whole idea at first. Then Claudia freaks out and throws a vase at Cristal. Now Blake is all about the entire thing. Are we in some crazy dream? What is happening around here? Things have really gone to hell since Fallon moved out.

Two faces

Cristal enlists the help of Sammy Jo to watch Claudia. He doesn’t seem too down for the idea, but credit cards make everything better. Cristal hands him Blake’s card without a second thought and tells him it’s for expenses. Technically, that means Sammy Jo has a job now, right?

Dynasty recap episode 1x06

Sammy Jo ends up being the best friend ever as he and Claudia go on a shopping spree. They hold a fashion show with beautiful clothes and a bunch of delicious food. Who could ask for anything more? They take it a step further as they start trying on some of the clothes Cristal has purchased with what we’re sure was Blake’s money. But then they get caught by Blake.

Dynasty recap episode 1x06

Just when it seems this will be the moment Blake changes his mind about having Claudia stay with them, he makes an about face. He is the epitome of concerned and attempts to take care of Claudia. Something that gets even weirder when he finds her in his hot tub.

Crazy or calculating

Claudia’s actions just become more and more suspicious as time goes on. She really shouldn’t have been allowed in the house in the first place. We have no idea what Cristal and Blake are thinking, letting her stay there. But one thing we do know, is that it won’t end well for anyone.

Dynasty recap episode 1x06

Sammy Jo plays the snooping game once more, and discovers that Claudia’s medication has been switched out. This could explain her off the wall behavior. But who would do something like that?

Dynasty recap episode 1x06

Who do you think switched Claudia’s medication? Are we going to see Fallon move on from Michael to Jeff? Does Claudia have ulterior motives? Let us know what you think the answers will be in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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