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‘The Flash’ recap – 4×06 “When Harry Met Harry”

The Flash episode “When Harry Met Harry” aired November 14, 2017.

The Flash took a step back for humour this week, but that had to happen at some point. This episode was still filled with amazing quips.

Harry is only the subplot of “When Harry Met Harry”, but his misadventures this week served up some great scenes. It was also another excuse for Tom Cavanagh to show that he can act as pretty much anything.

The Council of Wells

Team Flash are getting nowhere in their search for DeVoe. Harry suggests they bring in the big guns…his friends. Everyone’s reactions are hilarious. “Is he saying friends?” “Hey Harry, all your friends are in this room.”

Harry: You asked me to make new friends. It was a task. I complete tasks.
Cisco: Harry, you listened to me! I’m so proud of you.

As it turns out, Harry’s “friends” are just his doppelgangers. But not including the Gandalf-cosplaying Wells.

the flash cisco ramon
image: kevinskeller – tumblr

However, because they are all Harrys, they don’t get along with anyone, including themselves. Harry complains about how the “council of incompetence” are full of themselves, uncooperative, etc. All his negative qualities, basically. Now it’s Cisco’s turn to give Harry the pep talk and remind him that deep down, he is capable and good.

Harry reconvenes the Council of Wells and make them apologize to each other/themselves. Then the gang, using some insanely genius technology and algorithms that are too esoteric to show on screen, identify the DeVoe they are looking for: Clifford DeVoe!

Superhero counselling

Barry and Raph are approached by a mugger while getting coffee. Barry decides it’s the perfect superhero training wheels for Ralph. However they talk too much so the mugger shoots them anyway. Ralph accidentally shoots the mugger’s butt by bouncing bullets off himself.

Ralph was too drunk to remember clearly who was on the bus with him. Caitlin suggests hypnosis to retrieve his memories. No one on Team Flash know how to hypnotise someone, so Iris and Barry bring Ralph to…the relationship counsellor!

Apparently you don’t need a Harvard degree to hypnotise people. Ralph recalls a man who was crying and some women. One, in particular, had the motif of a bison on her jacket.

Piertotem Locomotor

Team Flash soon learn that the woman, Mina, is able to animate animal or human statues live-size figures (“effigies”  – your word of the day), which is perfect because her targets are collectors of “natural history” artefacts. Even before she became a meta, the woman had been taking back Sioux artefacts from museums and collections. She calls herself the Black Bison, after the central animal in Sioux culture.

Ralph receives his stretchy-squishy plain grey suit, then he and Barry confront Mina as she attacks a transport van. Black Bison makes an effigy pummel Barry. Ralph causes her to crash her car, but his fixation on “catching the bad guy” causes him to neglect bystander safety. A young girl is hit by a falling telephone pole when Ralph could have helped her. The girl is critically injured, which shakes Ralph.

the flash and elongated man
image: the CW

Mina breaks out of her holding cell by mobilising a police demonstration mannequin. She goes to Central City museum to collect more artefacts. She pulls a Night at the Museum, activating a T-rex skeleton to chase Barry and Ralph. Ralph manages to wrap himself around the T-rex’s jaws while Barry distracts Mina by throwing a Sioux bowl. When she makes to catch it, he cuffs her with the meta-dampening handcuffs.

The Black Bison goes to jail, but Ralph swipes a Sioux necklace and mails it to the Sioux reserve.

Finding DeVoe

Team Flash retrieves DeVoe’s information and whereabouts. Barry decides they should confront him straightaway, since for the first time, they actually know who they are up against. (Or at least they think they do. That pun was unintended.)

However, DeVoe and his assistant are prepared for their arrival. The assistant poses as an ordinary homemaker before introducing her “husband”, the wheelchair-bound Clifford DeVoe.

Will Team Flash buy the act? It’s not going to be the first time Barry was fooled by a man in a wheelchair.

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(featured image: the CW)


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