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‘Teen Wolf’: The 5 BEST episodes of the series

Who will get the Teen Wolf best episode award? Let’s break it all down! There are so many amazing episodes of this show and everyone has their own personal favorites. The episodes below are always at the front lines of the “best of” conversations. Before you vote on which episode you pick, here are the 5 we think are the absolute best of the entire series!


#5 “Memory Found,” Season 6, Episode 9. This episode felt like it was written as a love letter to the entire series. Malia, Scott and Lydia are working to open a portal for Stiles to return and they end up embarking on a sweet, emotion-filled journey down memory lane. Even if he was absent for much of Season 6, Stiles was an asset to the show, their lives and to the fans. Having an episode that explores how much he means to the main cast was amazing to watch and earns a top spot on our episode list.


#4 “Wolf Moon,” Season 1, Episode 1. This episode may not have all of the meaty plot that the others on this list have, but it has all the charm and nostalgia we could ever ask for! Before Scott was the True Alpha, he was just one half of a goofy duo that went into the woods to find a body. This episode is charming, funny and (despite the cheesy CGI) it’s pretty tense and scary! This episode started it all for Scott (and for us), and it’s one that we will always look to when thinking about the best episodes of the show.


#3 “Galvanize,” Season 3, Episode 15. This episode has so much to offer. It’s funny, tense and builds toward a super intriguing mystery that kept us at the edge of our seats in Season 3b. Barrow is creepy AF and the hunt for him involves the entire pack in some fashion. There are some super sweet romantic moments between Kira and Scott, And we are still obsessed with that red string moment between Stiles and Lydia. The twins try to help Scott by searching the school for Barrow and Isaac serves them all sorts of shade (which we LOVE). The mystery and Kira’s involvement really comes together at the end of this episode and shows just how connected all of the moving parts of 3b are. Bonus: Stiles and Coach have some hilarious moments involving prank night!


#2 “Riddled,” Season 3, Episode 18. It wasn’t just the plot or writing of this episode that makes it stand out, it’s Dylan O’Brien’s mesmerizing performance. When you look at the collection of villains that the pack has faced, it’s clear that Void Stiles was on a level all his own. Also in this ep, Lydia really starts to realize her power and begins to embrace her role in the pack. With Derek’s “help,” Kira learns the role she has played in the Nogitsune taking over Stiles’ body, which adds it’s own set of complications to the situation. The mystery of it all really comes to a head in this episode and it’s pretty awesome. Also, we get the best Sciles hug ever. (Brb, gotta go cry now.)


#1 “Motel California,” Season 3, Episode 6. This episode is AMAZING. Yes, there are many episodes that pack more of a plot driven punch, but this episode really captures the heart and soul of the series. It has horror movie elements, emotions, sex, angst, lore and a mega dose of feels that was powerful enough to reappear in Season 6 (see #5 above). Motel California is the best because it touches on everything that makes this show so great, and it deserves all the hype it gets.

Which episode do YOU think is the best?

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