‘American Horror Story: Cult’ recap: 7×10 “Charles (Manson) In Charge”

American Horror Story: Cult recap: 7×10 “Charles (Manson) In Charge” let’s do this fans!

Guys I don’t know if I’ll make it to the season finale because I am on excitement overload! #HYPE Ok, but for reals guys the second to last episode Charles (Manson) In Charge has set us up for what could be one of the greatest American Horror Story season finales ever! Yeah that’s right I said it…EVER! So I am going to go over the episode picking out parts that really stood out to me but most of all I am going to try and predict what is going to happen. Now I don’t have my license to by a psychic yet but I think I might be able to swing this one. Don’t hate me though if I am totally off though because my mind is clouded from the excitement, like I just mentioned. To quote the worlds greatest plumber “Here we go!”


Right off the bat I gotta say that when we found out this season was named Cult, we instantly knew Charles was coming into play sooner or later and here we have it in the second to last episode! We have seen before with flashbacks in this season to other cult leaders and memorable past figures (all of whom Evan Peters portrayed) that it has been exactly that, just a flashback.

Just really reminding us the events that took place and how they play into the current storyline. Well with Helter Skelter, not only do we see the flashback, which brilliantly had not just Evan Peters but other cast members playing in it, but we also saw Charles jump into present day with Kai Anderson. Now this wasn’t some time warp situation but simply all in just Kai’s head. This dude has a killer imagination, literally!

So the Manson events we saw were just another story time situation for Kai, but after that we see Manson start popping up when it appears Kai is going crazy. Kai sees him, talks to him, interacts with him, really the whole nine yards. No one really questions him as to who he is talking to and Kai never questions it either, which makes me think he knew it wasn’t real but just rolling with the punches.

Kai going crazy. Yeah we gotta talk about this one. So throughout the entire episode it really does appear Kai has gone crazy and has lost his mind with paranoia. Constantly questioning everyone, through his actions, but most of all he really feels like there is a mole in the cult.

The whole episode you don’t believe Kai; I know I didn’t. I mean c’mon the dude is seeing and talking to Manson and one point Manson even tells Kai to come visit him in prison! So you really don’t trust anything Kai is doing at this point even though all the past episodes Kai has been 10 feet ahead of everyone else. So we get this crazy scene where you are like “yup he has officially lost it,” because he starts tearing up his basement, looking for a some sort of recorder that has been planted by the mole. He hears buzzing! Obviously that means there is a recorder down there somewhere, right?

Ally soon joins him in the basement trying to figure out what is going on and assures him that everything is ok, but we can see in her mind that she plans to take advantage of this opportunity. Ally comes up with a pretty quick plan to fool Kai. Kai runs off to what I call the dead room upstairs. You know the room where you keep your dead parents and brother. He does his whole thing talking to them up there which just drives him more insane until eventually Ally comes up and plays into his paranoia. She claims she found a recording device and shows it to him. Instantly Kai’s eye get huge and feels some relief that it was found but also that he is right once again!


Earlier in the episode we saw Winter trying to help Beverly out by giving her a ticket to get out of Michigan and away from Kai. Beverly is rightfully so suspicious but appears like she is thinking about doing it. Is Winter setting her up? We soon find out that Kai catches wind of this somehow. It was never revealed how he found out but he does! He confronts Winter about it and pretty much tells her that he is done with her and we all know what happens when Kai is done with you. So we know someone ratted her out! It had to be Ally! My guess is that Beverly told Ally and she devised that into her plan.

Ally finds that recording device and claims it to be Winters. Perfect! Ally can continue to basically control Kai from the sidelines while getting rid of Winter. Winter says that the recorder is her fit bit battery but sorry that doesn’t do it for Kai. Like I said a bit ago what happens when Kai is done with you? You gotta go! Kai proceeds to strangle Winter until she dies. Ally’s plan has worked out almost to perfect! As Kai is killing her we see Speed Wagon, Kai’s right hand man, run out of the room as if he is getting sick but he runs straight to his car only to rip off a recording device on his chest and smash it on the steering wheel in his car. WHAT? Kai wasn’t going insane! There really was a mole! Now who do we see get into the car as he smashes this but none other than Ally and scene! Is Ally a part of this or did she just catch Speed Wagon in the act? We are bound to find out in the last episode!

So here is my prediction AHS fans! I honestly feel Ally has taken a liking to this “power” she holds over Kai. She has found her role in life so to speak. One of two things I predict because I don’t see this having a happy ending. One Ally continues to secretly control Kai and continue the cult with him or two Ally somehow is able to kill Kai and she she continues the cult under her leadership! Those are my two guesses, but I could be wrong! I guess we will all find out in the season finale of American Horror Story: Cult!

American Horror Story: Cult airs on Tuesday at 10pm est. exclusively on FX!



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