‘The Blacklist’ recap: 5×07 “The Kilgannon Corporation”

The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 7, “The Kilgannon Corporation,” Aired Nov. 8, 2017

“Your mother brought you into this world, Colin. Did you really think she couldn’t take you out?”

Number 48: The Kilgannon Corporation

No Day At The Beach

We kick this week off with a young family at the beach. Suddenly, bodies start floating to shore. After telling Red about she and Tom getting married, he fills Liz in on what happened at the beach. Red tells Liz the people died being smuggled into the country, a service he provided for a fair price before Mr. Kaplan put him out of business. Cooper and Red agree to bring the group down. They’ll need to start in Greece.


Dembe decides to go undercover to find out who is running the smuggling operation. Aram fits him with a communication device that fits around one of his molars. Dembe meets with the contact for the smugglers, Cornelius, and he is suspicious. After giving Dembe a once over, Cornelius asks him o open his mouth. The team freaks and wants to go in, but Cooper tells them to let it play out. They miss the device, but are concerned that he has had dental work done in the west. Cornelius puts a gun to Dembe’s head and, when no one runs in to save him, relaxes and tells him to return later. He mentions the Irish.


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Red tells Liz that the Irishman that Cornelius referred to is Arthur Kilgannon, who operates out of Sofia, Bulgaria. Red and Dembe pay him a visit and Red offers to split the smuggling enterprise with Arthur. It turns out that Arthur isn’t running the family business anymore. His son, Colin, has taken over. Dembe decides to go undercover. Red tries to dissuade him, but he insists. Meanwhile, Arthur confronts Colin after finding out that many people are dying while being smuggled. He tells Colin that he’s out of the family business and Colin proceeds to strangle his father to death.

Travelin’ Man

Dembe and others are smuggled into Macedonia and taken to a large warehouse. The smugglers begin loading people into trucks, separating a young girl from her parents and placing her in the truck with Dembe. Local authorities arrive and our team follows them in, but the truck with Dembe and the girl gets away. After the team informs Red that they’ve lost Dembe, they learn from Cornelius that seven trucks full of people got away. When the raid began, an alert went out to each driver’s cell phone and they ditched their trucks in hard to find locations. Aram figures that the people inside will be overcome by CO2 and suffocate in two and a half hours unless the team can track them down.

Red visits Arthur’s widow, who informs him of her husband’s death. He pleads with her to call her son. She does, but Colin refuses to help Red find the trucks. When Red feigns a threat to shoot Colin’s mother if he doesn’t give him the information he needs, Colin tells him to go ahead because it will save him the trouble. Not exactly a ‘Son of the Year’ candidate. After hanging up, a stunned Mrs. Kilgannon gives Red access to the GPS on Colin’s car. Red tracks Colin down and surprises him, killing his two associates, one of whom was his financial advisor. He then shoots Colin, killing him, and taking the advisor’s briefcase.

End Game

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Red goes after the driver of Dembe’s truck personally, sending the info about the other six drivers to Liz and the team. The driver of Dembe’s truck hasn’t returned to his apartment yet and Red is feeling that all hope is lost. On the phone to Liz, he waxes poetic that Dembe stayed with him all of these years to show him that life, and Red himself,  can be good. In the truck, the little girl that Dembe has been taking care of passes out. The driver of the truck finally returns home and finds Red waiting for him.

Red opens the truck and the little girl barely has a pulse. He and Dembe rush her to the hospital while the team waits with the rest of the people for ambulances to arrive. The little girl will be fine and is reunited with her parents. Cooper works with Red to see that the few people in the teams custody are allowed to go free and not sent back to the countries they were fleeing.

Tom’s Tight Spot

Tom meets up with Lena at a gas station in Virginia. She tells him that Pete used a card there that he opened in her name. To give Tom a distraction, she grabs a t-shirt and asks the clerk if they have a changing room. When he tells her they don’t, she just tries the shirt on right there. Tom snaps some photos of the security footage and they beat a hasty retreat. The two study the photos Tom took and notice that Pete, genius that he is, left his motel key on the dash of the car.

At the motel, Tom grills Pete about Nik’s death. Pete tells him that he had nothing to do with it and that the same guy who killed Nik also chopped off his fingers. Sure enough, Pete is missing a few digits. Suddenly, the door bursts open and Tom catches the butt of a gun to the face.

Tom, Pete, and Lena find themselves kidnapped at the hands of Ian Garvey. Garvey tells them he has the suitcase and the person who can give him Red will get to live, while the other two will die. Pete, obviously not the smartest in the room, convinces Garvey that he doesn’t know anything concerning Red. Garvey accepts that answer and shoots Pete in the head. After gunning down Lena, in the back no less, Tom tells Garvey that he works for Red and can deliver him to Garvey.


A very good episode. There was even more insight into the bond between Red and Dembe. We also got to see Cooper veer from a by-the-book approach at the end. More surprising, Ressler seemed to agree with it, which is a major development in his character arc. Next week is the fall finale. It looks like we’ll find out how that scene from the premiere, involving Tom supposedly being gunned down, will play out.

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