‘Empire’ recap episode 4×05 “The Fool”

Empire recap: Season 4, Episode 5, “The Fool”, aired Nov. 8th, 2017

This just may be our favorite episode of the season so far! There was just so much goodness happening! We had a few things that we got worried on how they were going to work out. But ultimately, things may just be heading down the right track. At least for Cookie and Lucious. We have faith that things will work out for Hakeem and Jamal as well. We’re really not sure of Andre.

The pursuit of Bella

The hearing for who gets custody of Bella is about to happen. This brings up the past and all the deceit that led to Bella being born in the first place. Yikes. When it comes time to decide who the worse parent is, it’s kind of a toss up.

Empire recap episode 4x05

Things go from bad to worse when Hakeem decides he wants to leave the country with Bella. He stops to get Tiana who says she will go with them. But ends up bringing Cookie to the airport to stop him. We definitely think this was the right decision as Cookie talks some sense into her youngest. Let’s just hope he isn’t too angry with Tiana for it.

The memory game

The shit really hits the fan when the truth of Lucious’ memory hits the news. Cookie approaches Lucious with the story and Lucious doesn’t seem to understand what the problem is. Did we say that we loved Lucious without his memory? We did? Well, we’ve changed our minds.

We do get a glimpse of the Lucious we never thought we would miss. He owned that board like he never left. Cookie is quick with the backup quips for her man. Then she takes it a step further by telling the press they can follow him for two days. While this may not seem like a good idea, Lucious is able to own it in the studio. Mostly because of Becky. But we choose to believe that a bit of the inner Lucious is coming out as well.

Finding the muse

This is really being made clear as Lucious seems to be having some flashes of memory. Claudia thinks that Lucious is seeing music in colors and gets him painting. But when Cookie find them, she realizes it’s the same type of zone he has always gotten into when he is making new music. The smile on her face tells us that she is seeing a bit of her old Lucious emerging.

Empire recap episode 4x05

Things get even better when Cookie decides to use the painting that Lucious made as cover art. Cookie tries to be honest and tells them that Lucious has had a brain injury and isn’t one hundred percent. So, of course the board wants to bring in someone else. Cookie seemed to have seen this one coming and has Eddie come on board, pleasing everyone.

Lucious finally remembers in part due to his painting. Somehow the image of Claudia gets overwritten with Cookie and he seems to get the two confused. But everything becomes clear when Lucious says that he loves Cookie. So let’s all rejoice at the fact that our Lucious is finally back!

Empire recap episode 4x05

Uncle Eddie

Eddie makes his saving entrance and comes in to help Cookie and Lucious. Eddie might just prove himself to be the saving grace in this whole situation. Lucious and Eddie team up to make things a little more about Cookie to the press.

Empire recap episode 4x05

Things take a little bit different of a turn when Eddie starts taking over things in the studio. It gets especially serious when he tries to get Jamal to change his entire arrangement. They are able to come together on a final decision. Unfortunately, we’re starting to become a little unsure of sweet uncle Eddie.

Detective games

We get a glimpse into just how fast Andre works as he wakes up with Pamela. We’re not really sure what game she seems to be playing. It looks as if there is a real attraction between the two of them, but at the same time, it’s pretty clear she isn’t going to stop until she gets to the bottom of the explosion.

Shine and Andre go head to head as they argue about Shine talking to Pamela. Andre, instead of getting mad at Shine, you should probably be intelligent enough to realize that you’re a suspect and Pamela is trying to play you.


Claudia is playing the hot and cold game in full force with Lucious and his emotions. Don’t forget his mind. Even we’re confused on what the hell she’s after at this point. There certainly isn’t anything honest about her that we’ve seen yet. We can’t wait to see when someone goes head to head with the crazy doctor.

Empire recap episode 4x05

The Lyon family has us worrying about every single one of them as Angelo confronts Jamal. We are pleasantly surprised when he calls out Jamal’s new boyfriend for leaking the news about Lucious. Then we are unfortunately let down when Jamal doesn’t believe him. Not that we really expected him to. Warren and Angelo have a little head to head before Angelo’s turn with Hakeem comes. That one doesn’t go as well.

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