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‘Dynasty’ recap episode 1×05 “Company Slut”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 5, “Company Slut”, Aired Nov. 8th, 2017

Magazine covers, competing models, and ex-boyfriends. We’re getting used to every episode having just about everything we can think of. But this episode took that to a whole new level. We found ourselves cheering and jeering throughout the entire episode! Let’s break it down!

Dynasty recap episode 1x05

Woman of the year

It’s that time again. Time for ten women to come together and vie for the cover position on a local magazine for woman of the year. With the animosity rising to such a high level with Cristal and Fallon, we’re not really sure either of them should end up on the cover of that magazine.

Dynasty recap episode 1x05

Ultimately it is Fallon who wins the cover shoot. We never really had a doubt. But like we also figured, Fallon didn’t win it fair and square. It still counts as winning even when you pay your way to the top, right? We think it kind of counts.

Daddy’s daughter

After all the sabotaging, paying off, and champagne spritzing Fallon doesn’t win it all at the end of the day. She may have paid her way to the top of the cover shoot, but she couldn’t pay her way out of her father kicking her out of the house. As soon as Blake figured out that Fallon was the one to release Cristal’s sex tape, he sends her packing. While we’re not sure if this is really the best decision, it may be a good idea for Fallon and Blake to spend some time apart.

Dynasty recap episode 1x05

Mistaken identity

Cristal is still recovering from the sex tape being released. It’s not going well when a woman named Deirdre tries to get Blake to remove Cristal from her position. Unfortunately for her, Blake only falls for that for a short time before he decides to face the rumors head on. Along with the truths. She did sleep with Matthew after all.

Dynasty recap episode 1x05

Speaking of Matthew, Cristal heads over to see Claudia and apologize for sleeping with the woman’s husband. Is this really a good idea? Probably not, but especially because the wounds of his death are still fresh for the grieving widow. Claudia acts as though she just isn’t going to deal with Cristal or the Carringtons anymore. But then she clearly changes her mind as she tries to kill Cristal. She ends up the one maimed as Blake runs her down. We’re left wondering if it was an accident and whether or not Claudia is dead.


Fallon heads over to see Michael and tell him that maybe she is ready to be his official girlfriend now. That’s some pretty strange timing, don’t you think Fallon? Michael certainly seems to think so as he tells her that he isn’t interested. Not only that, but he has also already heard that she was kicked out of the house by Blake. Apparently she won’t be bedding down with her driver tonight. Well, Cristal’s driver now.

Dynasty recap episode 1x05

Fallon isn’t the only one rejected as Steven’s old boyfriend makes his way back into town. The recovering addict wants to spend some quality time with Steven. Something he didn’t seem too interested in before when Blake was paying him off if he left. Once you take that kind of deal, the chances of getting back together with the son of the money giver are pretty slim. But hey, you never know.

Doing something

Sammy Jo and Anders go about their weekly habit of exchanging barbs. Honestly, it’s one of our favorite parts of the episodes each week. They are both just so witty that it makes it so enjoyable. Sammy tends to take the advice literally and plays his famous game of eavesdropping on people by listening to the conversation between Steven and the ex boyfriend, Ted.

When Steven does go visit Ted, color him surprised to find Sammy already inside with the man. Steven was already still upset with Sammy over the whole robbery debacle of last week. His suspicions have been there since the beginning, and steadily rising with each new episode. It certainly wasn’t helpful to find his kind of ex boyfriend with the very ex boyfriend. Sammy Jo says that he was interested in the charity work Ted is involved in. Yeah, we’re sure Sammy Jo is real interested in something Ted is doing.

What did you think of this episode? Is Claudia dead or alive? What about Matthew? Did Blake run over Claudia on purpose, or was it an accident? Let us know what you think the answers will be in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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