The 8 best moments from ‘The Gifted’ episode 1×06, “got your siX”

The Gifted recap: Season 1, Episode 6, “got your siX,” Aired Nov. 6, 2017

Let’s break down the eight best moments from the latest episode of The Gifted, “got your siX”.

1. Agent Turner is on a Mission

After what he went through last week, it’s no stretch to see Agent Turner (Cody Bell) more focused than ever on bringing down the Mutant Underground. Dreamer (Elena Satine) messed with his mind and made him believe his daughter was still alive. He had to go through the pain of losing her twice. Now we know we’re supposed to hate him because he’s after those we’re rooting for, but it’s hard not to feel bad for him also. He truly believes that bringing these individuals to justice will help him heal. It won’t because nothing will bring his daughter back.

2. Blink has had Enough

Blink (Jamie Chung) confronts Thunderbird (Blair Redford) about the memories she’s been given. She knows Dreamer messed with her mind, but what she doesn’t know is if Thunderbird feels anything for her at all. When he can’t answer her question in a timely manner, she portals herself right on out of there. Blink says she has people to find too. Hopefully, this won’t lead to her being captured since she’s decided to go out on her own.

The Gifted
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3. Time for Class with Polaris

With the overflow of new mutants, Polaris (Emma Dumont) has taken it upon herself to teach them how to use their gifts. They’re lucky to learn from her because she’s pretty bad ass. We do have to wonder if hurling sharp objects at her students is the best way to go about things, but like she tells them when they’re out in the world it’s life or death.

4. Mama Bear

Kate (Amy Acker) finds Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) at mutant school and immediately wants to protect her daughter. She and Polaris have words about what these kids need. Polaris feels they need to hone their powers, while Kate feels they need normalcy. Kate pulls Lauren from the group because she’s afraid her daughter is going to get hurt. Kate has also decided to start a school of her own. This one is educational since all of the kids have been ripped from their schools. It seems there’s not much this mom can’t do and proves you don’t need powers to be super.

The Gifted
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5. Bromances Everywhere!

Thunderbird has come up with a plan to break into the Federal building and steal documents. Hopefully, these documents will tell them what happened to Pulse (Zach Roerig). There has to be a reason he’s working with Sentinel Services and Thunderbird is determined to find out what it is. Eclipse (Sean Teale), Reed (Stephen Moyer), and Andy (Percy Hynes White) are heading up the mission but not before we see a nice moment between Eclipse and Thunderbird. It’s clear these two have each other’s back and their friendship is one of the strongest in the series.

6. Father/Son Bonding?

Reed is having a hard time connecting with Andy. Since he’s learned about his abilities he’s just not sure how to relate to his son. When he tells Andy that he needs to be careful when he’s using his powers because he can hurt someone, things really start to go South. Thankfully, Eclipse overhears the conversation and pulls Reed away. After a good talking to from Eclipse, Reed is able to talk to his son more effectively.

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7 Lauren’s New Friend Wes

This episode introduced Danny Ramirez as Wes. Wes can change visual fields and we can tell he has a crush on Lauren. At first, it doesn’t seem like Lauren is going to give him the time of day but then she has a change of heart when he takes her to Venice. It turned out to actually be Rome but she was still impressed. It’s pretty cool to be able to take a girl out of the country without ever leaving the room!

8. Mission Accomplished

Of course, our gang of mutants accomplished getting the documents they needed but not without a few hiccups. Andy got them into the building, reed retrieved the paper documents, and Eclipse used his light power to get the computer hard drives. Unfortunately, the truck is spotted on the way back to the underground and it’s those back at headquarters that come to the rescue. Polaris takes Lauren and Wes out to save the day. Lauren builds a ramp for the truck to jump over then Wes splits the truck going in two different directions. It’s great to see all of the mutants working together to accomplish a common goal.

The Gifted
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The Gifted keeps delivering week after week. We find ourselves rooting for those we shouldn’t and loving the story more each week. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out as the series continues. What did you think of this episode of The Gifted? Tweet us at @Pure_Fandom or me personally at @ndintelman34 to share your thoughts and comments.

The Gifted airs Monday at 9/8c on FOX. 

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