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That hypothetical Captain Swan movie wish list

So if you haven’t already heard, Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue told fans at Burbank con this past weekend that they would be game for a Captain Swan movie. I can honestly say, I would be totally for that idea. Who has Hollywood connections? Anyone? Lets make this work! Because the idea has me hyped, I composed what I would love to see if this movie actually happens.

Emma and Killian with their baby


You know you want this more than anything. Well, at least I want this more than anything. Imagine how cute it would be to see Emma and Killian as first time parents. Yes, I do realize that Emma raised Henry for part of his life, but a baby is a whole new ordeal. It’s a new thing for them and seeing them wake up in the middle of the night to soothe the baby would be adorable. With, probably, a “bloody hell” from Killian for good measure.

Also, this would be the perfect chance to see Killian or Emma sing their baby to sleep. We know they can sing, so might as well put that to the test. Seeing Killian dress his little princess, because we know they’re having a little girl, would honestly be the sweetest thing ever. I’m making that canon. Right here, right now. Canon. They would make the cutest parents though.

Captain Swan pancakes…


Emma and Killian sitting down to a nice breakfast…Get your heads out of the gutter. You know that’s not what I’m referring to. Okay, fine, it is. The iconic scene from 6×18. What even happened in that episode besides that? I have no idea. We need more of that! This time without Snow walking in. Come on, you two, confiscate the keys from the parents.

But honestly, I haven’t eaten pancakes since this scene…Oh, OUAT and their euphemisms for intimate moments…

Sheriff Emma and Deputy Killian


Ever since Emma graced Killian with the badge to be her deputy, I longed to see them in action together. I think her making him deputy was such a monumental moment to his character. Killian was a former villain, so seeing him on the right side of the law was pivotal. I can see him taking over as sheriff while Emma rests before the birth of the baby. Because we all know Killian is going to be THAT guy who fusses over her. I can also see Emma kicking him out of the house for annoying her about it.

I want to see them chasing bad guys down the streets of Storybrooke; I want to see Killian arrest a drunken Leroy; Emma crashing an underage party would be pretty fun too. Those Storybooke kids have gotten a little rambunctious over the years.


Some casual, domestic bliss


Some quiet moments would be super nice to see, as we haven’t seen many of those. Let’s pick up where that 6×01 couch scene left off. Or the pancake scene that Snow interrupted. Even just a scene of them reading in bed. Just a moment of bliss where nobody is in trouble or a witch isn’t flying around the streets. I just want simplicity. Some dang happiness! And a little less interruption.

All I’m asking for is a scene where they sit down to have a family dinner. They talk about their days and what they ate for lunch. Things like that would just make me so happy, you have no idea. It would be a really simple, maybe even boring scene, but those two deserve a scene like that more than any other TV couple. I mean, they’ve literally ventured to Hell a couple seasons ago.

A “oh hey we’re having another baby!” scene


Captain Swan, as I have written before, needs to reproduce. Well, we got our wishes when Emma announced she was pregnant in 7×02. However, they should definitely have more babies. All the little Jones kids playing in their front yard, and Killian teaching them how to sword fight at age 2. Emma glaring at them from inside the house, but letting it happen anyway. Wow…this section got away from me. Back to it!

Of course this time the news would be accompanied with their baby girl hanging onto Emma’s leg as she tells her husband the news. He would cry, obviously. Their baby, aptly named Hope, will squeal with joy at the news of becoming a big sister.

So, yeah. This Captain Swan movies needs to become a thing because it will fulfill my fangirl heart. Also, it would be nice to see Colin and Jennifer acting side-by-side again. I miss Captain Swan like crazy. I really need this in my life, oh my gosh. Seriously, I’ll pen the script; someone be my director and producer.

What would you hope to see in a Captain Swan movie? Sound off below!

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