‘This Is Us’ recap: 2×07 “The Most Disappointed Man in the World”

This Is Us recap of episode 2×07, “The Most Disappointed Man in the World,” aired November 7, 2017.

On this episode of This Is Us, we got to look back at Jack and Rebecca’s journey of adopting baby Randall. In addition to their story, the lives of the present day Big 3 and young William also intertwined.

Not the right fit

This Is Us 2x07
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Jack and Rebecca have been working hard since bringing baby Randall home to show their caseworker they are capable of adopting their little boy. From cleaning the house to offering a slice of the triplets’ birthday cake, Rebecca and Jack clearly wanted to make the best impression. It helped that they had a glowing recommendation from her. However, the only person who is not sold on them adopting Randall is the judge assigned to their case.

This particular judge grew up knowing what it was like to live as a black man. In his mind, he was just looking out for Randall’s well being and thought he would be better with a black family raising him. While it may have seemed as though he was making an unfair judgment against the family, and maybe he was, there is no denying that he had a view of the world in a different lens than Jack and Rebecca.

Despite the challenges they faced, Jack and Rebecca have been shown to be doing their best. But this was a stumbling block we have not seen yet, and how they overcame this to adopt their son was a touching look into their fight for Randall.

The most disappointed man

This Is Us 2x07
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Their journey into becoming Randall’s official legal adoptive parents is mirrored with where William is in his own life. The young father is in trouble with the law after being caught buying drugs. His judge is more sympathetic to his cause, seeing just how sad and worn out he is.

In a touching scene between the two men, the judge requests that William think about him when he stumbles. He wants William to rewrite the ending the judge has had to give others. It appears as though this advice has worked, up until he discovers his cancer. Just when William is at his worst, a knock on the door changes his life. It’s Randall.

Stumbling around

This Is Us 2x07
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Kevin is still struggling with what is possibly becoming an addiction. He hasn’t been trying to see Sophie, which jeopardizes their relationship. Plus, despite being thrilled at becoming an uncle again, he is still distracted and lost. When he tries to do a romantic gesture like his father, he has trouble with his own emotions and fears of the future.

When he finally goes to see Sophie, he admits that he isn’t the person he was when he first came to her doorstep. However, he doesn’t word things right and causes Sophie to feel upset and hurt. Kevin’s journey is going downhill and he has a lot of issues to work through. Unfortunately, he is having a hard time actually asking for help.

He ends up pushing Sophie away and because of their own lives, Kevin’s siblings don’t notice there is something going on. Even when they ask if he’s okay, it’s brushed off and they don’t have the time to notice something deeper is brewing. I worry for Kevin’s mental state and how far he will go before someone takes notice and gets him to open up.

The system

This Is Us 2x07
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Randall and Deja prepare to go to the prison for a court-ordered visit with her mother. After getting ready and dressed up, they arrive to find out that her mother isn’t coming. Deja is disappointed and Randall’s frustration grows. He even takes his annoyance out on Linda, which I felt was pretty harsh. He was looking out for Deja but it was unfair to put his feelings onto her. She was just trying to do her best. It was good of him to apologize before breaking the news to Deja.

Beth ends up being the one most upset about the situation with Randall trying to remain calm. She is very protective over Deja at this point. Randall later goes to have a conversation with Deja’s mother. It turns out an injury kept her from seeing Deja, not wanting her daughter to see the state she was in. The contrast between Deja’s mother and Randall is noticeable in the phone call as she deduces immediately he grew up in a white environment. They both have their own judgments of each other but they both want what is best for Deja.

While Randall and Beth worry over how they are responding to Deja and her mother wanting her back, they still give her the chance to contact Deja. Randall spoke about how when he was younger, the choices made for him was out of his hands. He tried to make a decision that would give Deja a choice and a chance to have what she wanted.

A family

This Is Us 2x07
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Despite the setback from their meeting with the judge, this doesn’t stop Rebecca from reaching out. She is determined to make the point that she is Randall’s mother. She gets family photos back and when she notices one photo out of place, she fixes it so it looks perfect. In an era before photoshop and computer editing, she actually did a good job. The joy of having triplets!

Sending the photo to the judge may not have swayed him on his own feelings, but it did lead him to recusing himself from the case. With a new judge on the case, the Pearsons journey to becoming an official family is turning toward a happy ending.

The heartwarming scene in which Jack and Rebecca officially adopt Randall also had another reveal; his full name. They named him Randall Kenneth Pearson, showing he still got the K in his name.

There is also a connection between the two original judges who had been part of William and the Pearsons’ cases respectively. The two men question if the other made a difference. We know in the case of William and the Pearsons, the decisions did affect their future. William was able to overcome his demons. But when he was at his lowest, the connection with Randall was what ultimately helped him in his final months.

Brand new start

This Is Us 2x07
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Kate’s journey to marriage and motherhood is on her mind as they begin telling people about the pregnancy. Kevin now knows but Toby is hesitant to tell his very religious mother about the baby. Kate decides they should just get married right then and there. Toby seems to be on board, but when she begins talking about not having to struggle to find a dress or the father/daughter moments she won’t have, Toby has second thoughts.

Toby has a talk with Jack’s urn about what he should do. He looks to his future father-in-law for advice, even though Jack can’t talk back. But knowing Kate and the type of person Jack was, Toby decides he wants Kate to have her dream wedding.

Toby displays an incredibly romantic gesture as he proposes to Kate, telling her that she can walk down the aisle with her brothers (awww) and he wants her to be able to buy her dream dress. We were in tears with Kate as she accepted and it’s obvious they will have their dream wedding. Just as long as Kevin and Randall don’t look too good in their tuxes otherwise she’s done for.

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