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‘The Flash’ recap – 4×05: “Girls Night Out”

The Flash episode “Girls Night Out” aired November 7, 2017.

Drunk Barry. Bachelor/bachelorette parties. Girl friendship. What could make a better episode of The Flash?

Answer: “This house is bitchin'” making a comeback. That line is the real gift that keeps on giving.


In case you didn’t figure it out, this episode is all about girl power. But just in case, the word “feminism” was thrown around a lot. And just to really drive it home, add a hashtag in front.

Words mean naught if there is nothing to show for, and this episode showed plenty of girl power as Iris’ bachelorette party quickly turned into a metahuman hunt. The glass-eyed guy from Caitlin’s pub crashes the girls’ dinner. Felicity mistakes him for a stripper so he attacks them with a snake behind his eye. Killer Frost comes forth and quickly makes do with him.

Killer Frost tells Iris that the “medusa man”, Norvak, is a henchman for Amunet, who runs a metahuman black market. Caitlin sought tech from Amunet that she thought could keep Killer Frost in control, at the cost of working as a henchmen herself. Iris convinces Felicity and a rightfully reluctant Cecile to help Caitlin/Killer Frost, and follow her to a club.

Love is in the air

Amunet (who is a really entertaining personality, by the way) shows Killer Frost a bus meta she found. The Weeper, as they call him, cries love potion. Yes, love potion. This is a thing. Amunet pitches to Killer Frost, but Killer Frost still refuses to work for her. They prepare to fight, but Iris breaks it up.

Killer Frost intends to go through with Caitlin’s plan to run to another Earth. Apparently, she/they have a breacher contact. However, Amunet finds Killer Frost at the rendezvous point and beats her with her metal gauntlet until Killer Frost turns back to Caitlin. However, the police show up, letting Caitlin get away. P.S. I find it amusing how Amunet carries the metal shards for her gauntlet around in her bucket/bag.

Iris decides they cannot let Amunet sell the love potion on the black market. The girls track her by the alloy of her metal shards to a steel factory. At the factory, however, Iris and Felicity are caught by a buyer’s henchmen. Caitlin had stayed out of the mission for fear of losing control, but shows up to battle Amunet. Cecile activates the factory’s giant magnet from the Star Labs stakeout van, disarming Amunet.

Killer Frost goes in for the kill, but Iris stops her. Caitlin regains control and Amunet promises to seek vengeance before hightailing it. Iris frees the Weeper but he runs away. Honestly, he was so frail they could have just grabbed him.

Crying in the club


Barry’s bachelor party was just supposed to be a movie night, with wine. Cisco somehow found old videos of Barry (including westallen having a fake wedding ceremony as kids!) and made a homemade movie. However, Ralph crashes and has a very different idea of a bachelor party.

Ralph takes the guys to a strip club. Harry apparently brings sanitizer everywhere, which is a really useful for Cisco. The guys have to surrender their phones, so Barry doesn’t see Iris’ calls for backup. He drinks Cisco’s specially-made concoction and gets really drunk. Drunk Barry tells everyone that he is the Flash. Hopefully no one actually takes him seriously. He also professes his undying love for chicken nuggets and cries over the Titanic.

Meanwhile, Joe finds that Joanie (Cecile’s daughter) is a club dancer. When he expresses his concern, Joanie explains that she is doing feminist research for a book.

Ralph uses his powers to steal another dancer’s tips. The dancer and a bouncer confront him and they start a fight. The guys sans Harry gets detained as a result.

Joe confesses to a recovering Barry that he is scared of parenting again. Barry reminds him that he raised him and Iris singlehandedly; now he has Cecile. Harry arrives to bail the guys out, and I actually expected him to leave Ralph behind.

Friends and family

Back at Star Labs, both gender groups pretend their nights were smooth-sailing. Caitlin comes clean about her frosty problem to the whole team. Later, Iris asks Caitlin to be her maid of honor.

the flash caitlin snow
image: the CW

No matter how much the fans want them to fight, the truth is that Iris and Caitlin, while not exactly buddy-buddies, believe in and support each other. Neither of them have many friends if at all outside the male-dominated Team Flash. I hope they will have more chances to bond in the future.

Also, I dig this killervibe best man/maid of honor concept.

At the West house, Joe convinces Joanie to tell her mother about her work. Then he and Cecile bond over their shared worries about parenthood.

Finally, we see Thinker out of his lair for the first time. He chases the Weeper down and says he needs him to do something.

Next week: “Don’t fight crime naked!”


  • Cisco: how did you get here?
    Felicity: I walked right in. You have no security, you have no alarms…
  • Felicity to Iris: Although your life with Barry may be fast-paced…
  • Felicity on “Medusa Man”: You know that’s not a Cisco-approved name.
  • Amunet: I’ve got forgiveness in my kidneys!
  • Amunet: You and I could have been gods.
    Killer Frost: I worked with a god once. Over it.

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(featured image: the CW)


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