15 of the most emotional moments from ‘Stranger Things’ season 2

What’s better than watching a season of Stranger Things? Watching it a second time of course! Even if you are a champ at paying full attention when watching, there will be things you didn’t catch the first time around. We already listed our favorite moment from each episode of season two but what about the emotional moments? As great as the season is as a whole, there is no denying how much more emotional it is compared to season one. I must add, it is just as emotional the second viewing. Here are the moments that stood out:

1. Barb’s parents

What is worse than seeing Barb’s lifeless body in the Upside Down? The answer is, seeing her poor parents still left with so much hope that their teenage daughter is still alive. Nancy and Steve agree to go to the Holland house for dinner where Barb’s parents share they have hired a PI to find their daughter. Overcome with grief and guilt, Nancy hides out in the bathroom. She can barely look at the pictures of her best friend considering the truth she is withholding.

2. Eleven goes off on her own

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long before finding out what happened to Eleven after the end of last season. After defeating the Demogorgon, she makes her way through a breach into the normal universe. El tries to return to her friends so she heads to Mike’s house but finds his family being questioned by investigators. After overhearing how much danger Mike will be in if she returns, she heads off on her own and into the woods. Seeing a young girl scared and alone while trying to survive is truly heartbreaking.

3. Zombie boy

stranger things 2 will possessed

As we have mentioned before, Will has been through quite a lot in his short life. After being trapped in the Upside Down last season, he is suffering from severe side effects. While his friends and family are ecstatic about his return, the rest of Hawkins is pretty skeptical regarding his disappearance. Many of the school kids bully him and refer to him as “zombie boy.” Sometimes kids are just the worst, aren’t they?

4. Will’s virus

It is bad enough that Will is still recovering from last season’s events but then he gets targeted by the Shadow Monster. The new big bad uses Will as a host which gives them the ability to share thoughts and feelings. Seeing Will suffer and break down emotionally while talking to his mother about what is going on will surely pull at those heartstrings. Leave the poor kid alone!

5. Hopper and Eleven fight

Hopper is a hero for taking in Eleven and giving her a safe place to stay. Of course, being kept from the outside world will cause a little bit of tension. Hopper tries his best with Eleven but he is being pulled in a million different directions with the odd happenings within town. The frustration from being kept from her friends boils over and El and Hopper battle it out in a verbal spat (until El uses her powers). It is difficult seeing the two fight, especially when you understand where both sides are coming from.

6. Eleven meets her mom

stranger things 2 eleven mom

Last season, we learned about Eleven’s birthmother, Terry Ives. Hopper tries to keep the truth from Eleven regarding Terry considering the woman is no longer cognizant but of course she sets out to find her. You will certainly feel a range of emotions when Eleven finally meets her mom and learns what really happened to herself and her mom in the lab.

7. Will feels the pain as the host

We learn that Will has “true sight” but it is horrifying to see how connected he really is to the Shadow Monster. Considering the vines are also a host, anything that happens to them inflicts pain on Will. The scientists decide to torch the vines which causes Will to seize in pain. The heartbreaking sequence is tough to watch, mostly due to everyone witnessing the event but not knowing what is causing Will’s agonizing pain.

8. Eleven meets Kali

The search for a home and family takes center stage for Eleven in season two. Eleven’s meeting with her mother didn’t go as planned but there was a silver lining – the revelation of a sister. Not a sister by blood but another girl who was taken by the lab at a young age to experiment on her abilities. Kali took a darker turn since escaping the lab and uses a team of “outcasts” to get revenge on people who wronged her. The reunion between the two was a sweet moment but emotional when learning what both young women have been through.

9. Bob gets killed

stranger things 2 bob

With such a solid cast, it is not easy to be a newcomer but Sean Astin was the perfect addition to the team with his portrayal of Bob Newby. He may have been a huge dork but Bob was as good-hearted as they come. Besides accepting Joyce and the Byers family despite everything they have been through, he instantly jumps in to help when things get crazy. After a horde of Demodogs make their way to the lab, Bob goes on a solo mission so the rest of the group can escape. Sadly, Bob the Brain doesn’t make it out alive but we won’t forget him anytime soon.

10. Mike’s reaction to El’s return

Eleven makes her way back to the group after realizing what “home” actually means. We know that she and Mike had trouble being separated for so long so it was heartwarming to see their reactions during the reunion. Those emotions take a turn when Mike realizes that Eleven has been in the area this whole time but Hopper has kept it a secret. In Mike’s outburst, you truly see how much Eleven means to him.

11. Will’s possession

As the group splits up into mini mission, Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy head to Hopper’s cabin in the hopes of saving Will. Since the Shadow Monster doesn’t like heat, Joyce decides to try and burn out the possession from Will using heat. By doing so, they have to tie up Will since the creature has taken complete control. Before the black mass leaves Will’s body, things get very intense as he even attacks Joyce. In the end, the tactic worked but it was a nerve-wracking scene.

12. Dart lets Dustin pass

stranger things 2 tunnels

While Will’s exorcism was taking place, Steve the babysitter accompanied Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Max into the underground tunnels for a separate mission. Their goal was to divert the Demodogs long enough for Hopper to get Eleven to the gate. When walking through the tunnels they encounter Dart but it turns out Dustin’s bond with the creature was stronger than imagined. Dustin was able to bribe Dart with his favorite candy in order to pass by to safety. Unfortunately, we won’t be getting a Dustin and Dart reunion as all the Demodogs perished. RIP Dart!

13. Jane Hopper

After a few arguments and misunderstandings, Hopper and Eleven finally talked things out before saving the day and closing the gate. It was a genuine moment between the two and we were happy to learn that Hopper intends to remain El’s primary caregiver. Dr. Owens hands over documentation listing Eleven as “Jane Hopper,” his daughter.

14. Dustin and Steve bromance

stranger things 2 dustin

Hopper and Eleven weren’t the only interesting duos this season. Dustin and Steve’s unique friendship was a major bright spot for fans. Steve became a sort of mentor to Dustin as the two seemingly had more in common than expected. Out of all the scenes between the two, the most touching came towards the end of the last episode when Steve dropped off Dustin at the Snow Ball. Dustin got a pep talk and came ready with a new Steve-inspired hairdo.

15. Mike and Eleven at the Snow Ball

As you can see, the last episode of season two was full of emotional moments. The most anticipated moment finally came at the dance when Eleven finally made it to the Snow Ball. After all of the heartbreaking moments, it was nice to see characters have a happy ending…at least for now.

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