‘The Shannara Chronicles’: 10 craziest moments from 2×05 & 2×06

The Shannara Chronicles recap: Season 2, Episodes 5 & 6, “Paranor” and “Crimson” aired Nov. 8th, 2017

Everything is definitely coming to a head in The Shannara Chronicles this season. So many CRAZY things happened I had to take a good 10 minutes to just sit there and fully wrap my head around everything that went down in these new episodes.

Let’s dive in!

1. Cogline saves Eretria I was wondering when we were gonna see this guy again. Determined to help Wil, Eretria attempts to make her way to Paranor but is attacked by Queen Tamlin’s army. Luckily, Cogline shows up with his magic staff to save the day.

2. Mareth traps Allanon and Bandon Before entering the cave, Allanon and Mareth end up in a little father-daughter spat and Mareth leaves. Turns out, this was just a way to prevent Bandon from reading Wil’s mind and discovering that Mareth can trap Bandon (as well as Allanon) with an incantation.

3. Eretria controls the Mord Wraith Cogline brings Eretria to a cell with a hooded figure. He tells her it’s called a Mord Wraith and that she has the power to control it. Eretria is successful and even makes the Wraith bow to her before destroying it all together. And let me just say, it was awesome.

4. Wil and Mareth time travel In order to find the skull and save Wil’s uncle, Wil and Mareth are taken back in time to the village that Wil grew up in. Okay…a little confused at this point.

5. Wil sees his dad Wil and Mareth save a boy from a scuffle who actually turns out to be Wil’s father. Wil realizes that one wrong move can change the past and prevent him from being born.

6. Lyria agrees to marry King Ander Despite her feelings for Eretria, Lyria knows that the only way to protect her is to marry King Ander and help create a safe, united kingdom. Although they’re not in love Lyria and King Ander have formed a strong friendship.  They both agree that a marriage between the two of them is the best decision for everyone.

7. Wil and Mareth find the skull With some quick thinking and help from his mom and dad, Wil discovers that the skull is hidden with the same scarecrow that his dad used to keep in the barn. They head out to the field and find it buried in the ground.

8. Flick kills himself Wil and Mareth make it back to present time and Mareth releases Bandon from the prison. Refusing to let Wil give up the skull, Flick tells Wil he loves him and stabs himself in the chest. After some scuffling, Bandon manages to grab the skull and escape.

9. The Crimson crash Ander and Lyria’s wedding Right before the start of the ceremony, Riga appears with his army and one goal in mind. To kill everyone and take over the castle.

10. King Ander is murdered I for one did not see this coming. Admist the battle and the chaos, Ander is stabbed and killed by Riga while a crying Lyria is forced to watch. Ander takes his last breath and the screen goes black. Um…sorry but what???

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