‘American Horror Story: Cult’ recap: 7×09 “Drink the Kool-Aid”

American Horror Story: Cult recap: 7×09 “Drink the Kool-Aid” discussion time!

Well, well, well, it looks like our good buddy, Kia Anderson, might be losing control – don’t quote me on that one, though. “Drink the Kool-Aid” was a fantastic episode that showed us a shift in “power” between Ivy and Ally. It also gave us a recreated look back at a 1970’s Jim Jones. So much packed into this episode so let’s cover what really stood out to me the most. We only have two episodes left after this one, so buckle up girls and guys!



I really want to start off talking about the shift in power that we saw this episode. I don’t mean Kai; I am talking about Ally and Ivy. This was a screeching the brakes episode for Ally, honestly. She finally put all the pieces to the puzzle together and good for her! A couple articles back I wrote about how I believed Ivy was the center to all of Ally’s problems and (not to toot my own horn), but I really hit the nail on the head. Ally realized that she didn’t really have any problems, nor did she have any fears. The majority of this stuff was planted into Ally’s head by her wife, Ivy.

When you look back on the season, to certain points it is clear as day that YUP Ivy is the problem. You can tell that by this point Ally wants nothing at all to do with her and really can you blame her. As Ivy begs for forgiveness, you get the vibe that Ally is giving her a dose of false hope. I am not completely on team Ally yet, but that changes later in the episode. Though I do have to say, Ally’s mind is always in the right spot. She just wants the best for her son and would do anything for him. We really notice that in this episode when Ally presents Oz with a new Twisty comic book. I was just as shocked as Oz when he received it. This really tells us that Ally is no longer afraid of clowns or anyone!

Now Ally masterminds this plan with Ivy to get out of town with Oz so they are no longer under the watch or control of Kai’s cult. At this point in the game we should all know that wasn’t going to go down without a problem. Oz is the king in the game of chess. At least I am going to assume the king because I don’t play chess nor do I know anything about it. The analogy just sounded good ok? We knew eventually that Oz would be brought into this cult because if you control Oz – you control Ally. Kai’s claims to Oz that he is his father was brilliant writing because that is something I didn’t expect to come into play. Kai really has everyone going for a good while that he is the father but I will talk about this in just a minute as it is my second topic of the article.

The exact moment of shift in power between Ally and Ivy has to be the dinner scene. I never expected Ally to kill Ivy until the start of this scene because you can tell something is about to go down between these two. Naive Ivy doesn’t bat an eye that Ally would intentionally do something bad to her or anyone else but as we saw she quickly learned when Ally told Ivy that she had poisoned the dinner she was eating. Even up to the very last breath from Ivy you can still see that she doesn’t believe this is happening. Now that is a blindside if I have ever seen one. After seeing this we truly know that Ally is indeed afraid of nothing now and will go to any lengths for her son Oz!


Kai Has Lost His Mind

Let’s talk about Kai Anderson for a hot second and how much he might be losing his mind. I mean – we already knew he lost his mind but like really this time I think he lost it. Just let me say real quick that Kai’s number one enemy appears to be fake news because he then proceeded to tell Oz that Wikipedia is fake news. This scene made me laugh so hard. If you are going to watch just one scene for laughs this episode… make it this one.

Ok,  now onto the important matter at hand. KAI IS OZ’S DAD! Well not really. Kai makes up this story about how the facts are “right there” that he has to be Oz’s father. I got to say he does make up a good enough argument because we do see Ally go and bribe the clinic for the file to who the donor was for Oz. Obviously we find out it wasn’t Kai but it’s another moment in this episode we see the power shift a little more towards Ally. I love the fact that Ally is just going to go along with Kai’s story about him being the father even though she knows the truth. We now see how much of a mastermind Ally is when her head is clear. The fact that Kai believes this lie really shows us all that he is losing his mind like a mentioned. He has never been this vulnerable before in this season. This very well could be the turning point for the fall of Kai Anderson as a person.

Just to make a quick prediction! I kind of feel that maybe Ally might feel too powerful at this point and eventually either A) side with Kai and continue the cult together or B) finish of Kai and continue the cult herself. I honestly don’t see this season finishing happy ending style and really, I would be disappointed if it did because we all know deep down – that’s not what we want!

AHS fans this episode was amazing and I think you would agree that episodes like these are the reason why we are addicted to the show so much. Only 2 episodes left until the season is over and we have to wait almost another year for it to continue. Let’s make the best out of them and enjoy!

American Horror Story: Cult airs at 10pm est. exclusively on FX!



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