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‘Supergirl’ recap: 3×05 “Damage”

Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 5, “Damage” Aired November 6, 2017.

Tonight’s episode of Supergirl was my personal favorite of the season! I have noticed my favorite episodes tend to have a theme. What is that theme? They are all Lena Luthor centric episodes!

So many things happened tonight. Let’s dive in!

The lead in the air

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Morgan Edge is back. Unfortunately. In his return he accuses Lena Luthor of poisoning children. The lead bomb she made to stop the Daxamites, he proclaims, poisoned the air. Now, children are showing up with lead poisoning in the hospital.

With the accusation firmly in place, Lena’s world begins to get chaotic. Once again her Luthor name comes to bite her in the a*s. If I were her I would just change my darn name. Under public scrutiny Lena must make some hard choices.

  1. She resigns from Cat Co. so they can report unbiased news.
  2. Lena also removes herself from L Corp. for the time being.
  3. She also must deal with the fact that Morgan might be right. This hits her emotionally.

Poor Lena. Lena is devastated that she might be the cause of these children’s’ illnesses.

An unlikely team-up

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In order to prove Lena’s innocence, two of her friends team up. Sam and Kara are on the case! Their scenes together were great. They revealed some secrets about their own lives. You also got to see how much the genuinely care about Lena.

  • Kara and Sam were adopted.
  • They both took swimming lessons when they were younger.
  • Kara reveals she has a friend at the “FBI” DEO that helps her with information and lab work.

They find out all the sick kids took swimming lessons from the same place. Kara uses her x-ray vision in the pool and finds mass amounts of lead. She sends the sample to Winn. He confirms it. It turns out Lena’s bomb did not make the kids sick.

Acre Lee chemicals made the kids sick. Who owns Acre Lee? Who do you think? Morgan Edge.

The Confrontation


Lena goes to Morgan’s office to confront him. Things get a little nuts after that. She pulls a gun on him, ready to put that Luthor name to use. She tells him she knows everything! Luthor gets knocked out by a random man. When Lena wakes up she is strapped into a cargo plane.

  • The plane is filled with the Acre Lee chemicals.
  • It is being operated remotely by the random guy and Morgan.
  • The two of them are going to crash the plane into the water with Lena in it.
  • Ultimately the crash will spread the chemicals into the water supply.

Supergirl stops all of it. Edge however, sets up the random guy. He gets off scot free. Supergirl pays a visit to his office and warns him to stay away from Lena. He in return threatens her.

Goodbye #Sanvers


We knew it was coming all season. That didn’t make it any less hard to take in. Tonight we said goodbye to #Sanvers. I will give kuddos to the writers. They did right by their fans. It was probably the best LGBT TV breakup in history.

Alex and Maggie had been talking about if for a few days. Maggie told Alex she just never wants children. Alex told her she will always want them. They packed up their stuff, danced, and other things… They said their goodbyes with love and respect.

Maggie’s last words to Alex were,

“You will make a great Mother some day. See you around Danvers.”

It was sweet and a throw back to the day they first met. Floriana Lima was a great addition to the cast. It was her decision to pursue other opportunities so the writers wrote her off the best way they could. Look at it this way at least they didn’t kill her off! I am just saying.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will you miss #Sanvers? Do you feel for Lena? See you next week!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Check out Pure Fandom’s new podcast, SuperTalk, and tune in each week for my recaps.

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