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‘Supernatural’ recap: 13×04 “The Big Empty”

Supernatural recap: Season 13, Episode 4, “The Big Empty,” Aired Thursday, November, 2, 2017

Whoa! This episode had some feelings! Confusion, anger, excitement, glee, and a general feeling of “what the heck?” There’s a classic monster, Cas is in this big empty black void area. There’s a lot to process here.

Who You Gonna Call?

Big Empty

The boys get wind of a case and after a lot of pushing from Sam, they decide to take Jack along. The case looks like your typical ghost, salt and burn kind of deal. Easy peasy for our boys, right? Wrong. There’s no EMF. Also, there ends up being multiple victims that see different spirits when they die. So what’s the connection? What’s the deal?

Busy Work

Big Empty

Dean is still being really mean to Jack, and I’m starting to take it personally. Jack is such a little ball of cute adorableness, that I want to protect him. But Dean won’t let me! He has decided to treat Jack like he is, for lack of a better term, their intern. He has him go on food runs, tells him to stay in the car, etc.

Doctor Feelgood

Big Empty

The connection of our friends from the other side ends up being that they are all seeing the same grief counselor. The team goes in, thinking that she may be a medium. She seems to have a special “program” that might just be what causes the victims dead loved ones to come after them. They go over and pretend to be patients being seen for the death of their mother. During share time, we learn that Sam can’t let go of the idea of Mary because he didn’t have a special relationship with her like Dean had.

But at least you had a relationship with mom. I mean, who would she always call? Who did she look to for everything? You had something with her that I never had. And now I’m just supposed to accept that I never will have it?                 –Sam Winchester to Dean

The therapist is, in fact, a shapeshifter. That is how her patients have been seeing their dead loved ones. She has been transforming into them so that they have a chance to say goodbye. However, she has no idea that the two victims are dead. So our mystery is still not completely solved.

Seeing Double

Big Empty

Cas is still in that big empty place we left him in last week. Only now he’s got a friend…that looks exactly like him. But he has an accent. This is apparently the angel/demon version of Purgatory. It seems like Cas’s look-a-like is in charge of this void plain. No one ever wakes up from this place, and the fact that Cas is awake, means that he has to be awake. Cas pressures this entity to release him from this “big empty” realm so that he can go back to sleep.

We All Need Closure

Big Empty

Jack confides in the therapist about his mom, and she helps him. She turns into Kelly, so that Jack can talk to his mom, just once. “Kelly” tells Jack that he is good like Sam says, and that even monsters can do good in the world. Jack is very aware afterwards that it is Mia the whole time, but like Mia said earlier, people are designed to want closure.


Big Empty
Quizzical Llama

The evil shapeshifter, Mia’s ex-boyfriend, takes over Dean’s form. He tricks Sam in a phone call, knocks Jack out, and sheds Dean’s skin. Once Dean and Jack have woken up, Buddy (the evil shapeshifter) handcuffs them and threatens to kill Mia if she doesn’t kill them. Dean starts giving Jack a pep talk, saying that if Sam believes in Jack, then he can do something special. Sam walks in and Buddy shoots at him. This triggers Jack’s powers, and he changes the bullet’s trajectory and stuns Buddy enough so that Sam can shoot him with a silver bullet. Back at the bunker, Dean tells Jack he did a good job.


Big Empty

Cas actually convinced the creepy look-a-like to send him back! He’s back! But where exactly did he wake up? When will he actually be back with the boys?

Why do the endings of these episodes leave me with more questions than answers???

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Supernatural airs Thursdays, at 8/7PM CST on The CW.

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