‘Will & Grace’ recap: 1×06 “Rosario’s Quinceanera”

Will & Grace recap, Season 1, Episode 6, “Rosario’s Quinceañera,” Aired November 2, 2017

Karen & Jack

Karen walks in, late as usual, to Grace’s office. Will asks her to try to arrive on time, but that just gets everyone cracking up.

That reminds Karen, though, that Rosario hadn’t come into work. So she calls her and tells her the only excuse for her no-show is if she’s in the hospital.

Turns out, Rosario is in the hospital, thanks to a heart attack.

The foursome head there, to wait for Rosario to come out with a bill of clean health.

Then a doctor comes out to give sad news to Karen: Rosario has passed on, due to complications with her heart attack.

Karen walks out.

She had planned on throwing Rosario a quinceañera to celebrate her getting out of the hospital, and by god, she’ll throw her one even if Rosie’s gone.  

Jack becomes terrified of Karen as the two of them plan Rosario’s funeral. For good reason: Karen is on a warpath.

At first, Jack thinks her anger is just part of Karen working through the stages of grief. But he becomes less and less certain as Karen starts unraveling: she refuses to be present at the funeral proceedings and holes up at the Irish bar next door.

Will, Grace, and Jack all try to comfort Karen, to varying levels of failure. Karen forces Jack to sing and dance for her, Grace derails the conversation by focusing everything on her, and Karen accuses Will of hitting on her at the most inopportune time.

But she clings to Will’s comforting arm, as she starts to properly grieve.

She walks back into the church, after everyone’s cleared out, to pay her solo respects to Rosario. We discover that she thought of Rosario as her very best friend, her devoted sparring partner. She promises to sit with Rosario for a few hours before the directors take Rosario to the burial grounds.

Will & Grace

Will and Grace have started their first day of work together.

Already, they’ve hit a snafu: Will went ahead and signed a lease for the office space next to Grace’s. He’s excited, because they’ll double the size of the office; Grace is upset, because Will decided this pricey expansion without confiding in her first.

Feeling phantom heart attack pains, Grace decides to, quite appropriately, put a hold on this conversation since they’re in the hospital. (This continues to be a recurring theme as Grace refuses to sit down and talk to Will.)

Finally, the two of them duke it out: Grace tells Will that, as partners, they have to go over business decisions together. Will confides to Grace that he was bullish and impulsive because he’s scared of this major life decision he’s made, abandoning his cushy job as lawyer.

Final Thoughts

My, this season finale is just chock full of cameos: first we get Lorraine Finster, dressed elaborately in a tiny purple dress and a hat adorned with a giant peacock feather. She and Karen verbally spar, and Lorraine manages to steal Karen’s giant earrings and necklace after a reluctantly shared hug.

Next, we get SMITTTY, who now bartends at the Irish bar next to the church where Rosario’s service is being held. He’s now almost completely deaf and continues to fill Karen with so much joy (and martini).

Throughout the entire episode, I was holding my breath for the gag: that Rosario wasn’t actually dead, that she would pop up in her coffin, to make fun of Karen.

Thankfully, the episode writers didn’t go there.

What we end up having is a introspective, emotional side of Karen Walker that we’ve never seen before. I started crying the minute Karen confessed how highly she thought of Rosario; when she whispered, “te amo, mama” I completely lost it.

This episode was the perfect way to end the new season of Will & Grace. The characters are arguably even better than they were in the original series, reacting to episodes that dealt with very topical scenarios.

Remarkable Quotes

  • “She [Rosario] just took a vacation. She went to the wine country.” “You made her pick grapes!”
  • “It’s the thoughtlessness that counts.”
  • “Te amo, mama.”


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