‘Stranger Things’ season 2: Each episode’s best moment

By now you’ve probably binged your way through Stranger Things season two. If not, what are you doing reading this, get watching! For those who put their lives aside to finish the season, it is likely you will need time to recover after such an intense installment to the series. There were so many memorable moments but a handful stood out from the rest. As difficult as it was to put together, here is a list of each episode’s best moment:


stranger things 2 hopper eleven

Being back in the world of Hawkins felt great. Seeing what our favorite characters have been up to brought a multitude of emotions but there was still one big presence missing. We knew coming into season two, Eleven would be back but we didn’t know when and how. The biggest reveal of the premiere episode came near the final minutes of the premiere when Chief Jim Hopper arrives at the cabin. His mysterious houseguest who left two tin-foil dinners on the table turns out to be Eleven who has seemingly been staying there for quite some time.

2. Trick or Treat, Freak

stranger things 2 ghostbusters

Having the boys dress up as Ghostbusters was perfect. Seeing the moms gush over their son’s adorable costumes was simply hilarious. The best moment in the episode involves Halloween costumes but not from the boys, the moment comes from Max. The red-header newcomer was reluctant to agree in joining Lucas and Dustin’s pleas to accompany then trick-or-treating. Turns out, Max had something better planned – jumping out in her Michael Myers costume and scaring the pants off of them.

3. The Pollywog

stranger things 2 dart

Dustin’s discovery of the pollywog in his trashcan would go on to become one of the most surprising revelations of the season. Before the creature or “living booger” as Lucas described it would grow into a baby Demogorgon, Dustin took in the unclassified species which he named D’Artagnan or Dart for short. After Dustin shows his new discovery to Lucas, Will, and Mike, Dart escapes when Max breaks unto the AV room. The group scours the school for the critter but the best moment comes when Dustin finds Dart in the bathroom. Having felt a bond with the critter, he quickly decides to keep his find a secret and stuffs Dart under his hat. Dustin is ultimately hiding Dart for the creature’s safety and the decision would become life-changing later in the season.

4. Will the Wise

stranger things 2 wills drawings

The Byers family went through a lot in season one and unfortunately for them, the second season doesn’t get any easier. As a viewer, it is hard to remember what the Byers house looks like without being in complete disarray. After the Christmas light debacle last season, the house gets another makeover, this time with Will’s drawings. After Will is possessed from the shadow monster, it starts to affect him physically. As Joyce insists he draw what he is feeling, he begins to create a series of connected pictures that cover the entire house. Hopper later realizes that Will is mapping out vines but seeing the house covered in drawings was an awesome callback.

5. Dig Dug

stranger things 2 hopper tunnels

After Will uses his visions to draw the vines, Hopper goes to the pumpkin patch to investigate. By now, these characters should know not to go on solo missions so of course Hopper gets trapped in the underground tunnels. Will uses his “true sight” and sees a vision of Hopper and that he is still alive. Then Bob uses his genius mind to figure out that Will’s drawing of the vines is actually a map of the tunnels. The best moment comes when Bob goes along with Joyce, Will, and Mike to find Hopper. He follows Joyce down into the tunnel and helps pull off the successful rescue mission without showing any fear. Yay Bob the Brain!

6. The Spy

stranger things 2 steve demodogs

Stranger Things certainly amplified the scare factor for the second season. The impending threat of the shadow monster is terrifying but so was the evil entity’s army. Dustin enlists Steve on a mission to lure Dart after the creature escapes a second time. The stakes are higher as Dart continues to transform and seek larger sources of food (including Dustin’s cat, Mews). Lucas and Max assist Dustin and Steve in setting a trap for Dart in the junkyard from season one. The best moment comes when Steve, equipped with his trusty bat, bravely faces off against Dart only to realize, the creature it not alone – there is a horde of Dart-like creatures but they are actually growing Demogorgons. The “Demodogs” go after Steve and the group hiding in the bus and makes for a truly frightful sequence.

7. The Lost Sister

stranger things 2 kali

Learning more about Eleven’s early life was a major piece to the puzzle this season. The history regarding her mother was truly heartbreaking but the revelation of 008 was a bright spot. Eleven travels to Chicago to find her “sister” who also shares supernatural abilities. The girl Kali, gives her insight on how to live with her power and how she can use them to her advantage. Kali’s thinking behind her actions might have been skewed but she gave El a newfound confidence. With that confidence came a new look for El as she slicked back her hair and unveiled a darker punk rock look.

8. The Mind Flayer

stranger things season 2 together

As I have explained in my second season review, the wait time for the cast to get together was excruciating, especially Eleven’s reunion with Mike. The moment finally came in the penultimate episode. The whole crew came together at the Byers to figure out how to save Will. As the army of Demodogs get closer, the group gets ready to fight until El comes and saves the day and makes her much anticipated grand entrance.

9. The Gate

stranger things 2 snow ball

To no surprise, the final episode was full of huge moments. The boys, Max, and their babysitter Steve head to the tunnels and successfully distract the Demodogs long enough for Eleven to get to the gate. She encounters her biggest test of strength and closes of the gate to the Upside Down. Joyce also figures out the way to burn out the possession from Will. All of these were game-changing moments but the best sequence came weeks later at the infamous Snow Ball dance. Dustin shows up with his new look and attitude thanks to his mentor, Steve. Lucas finally manages to win over Max. The best of all, Hopper let El go out for the night and much to Mike’s surprise, she shows up at the dance in time for their first dance together. Our hearts!

Stranger Things season two is now available on Netflix. And be sure to check back on the site for more Stranger Things coverage!

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