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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 3×04 “Phone Home”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 3, Episode 4, “Phone Home,” Aired November 1, 2017.

Hello, Legends! We have not had a Ray-centric episode since season one. I am happy to say that changed last night.

Welcome to 1988

The CW

In 1988 young Ray Palmer stumbled across a creature of unknown origin. Cut to present day where Ray is leading a team building activity, so Zari can get to know everyone. Ray starts out with two truths and lie, which no one wants to play. Then he proceeds to show an example of a trust fall.

He reaches out to catch Rory and disappears. This leaves Rory to fall on the floor. Yes it was as funny as it sounds! Sara asks where Ray is. Gideon replies with some disturbing information.

“Ray Palmer was announced missing and found dead two days later.”

Insert slight panic attack here. Sara jumps up and plots a course to the day before Ray went missing in 1988.

A Day in Ray Palmer’s Life


The team arrives in 1988. Adult Ray Palmer pops back up. Don’t ask me how, I can barely understand it. They dress up in their best 80’s attire and make their way to Ray’s school. Once they find little Ray they learn quite a few things:

  1. Ray was bullied as a kid.
  2. Ray’s Mother was hot. This is Nate’s revelation that he can’t seem to get over!
  3. Little Palmer is just as big of a nerd as adult Palmer.
  4. Baby Ray is keeping a baby Dominator as a pet.

Yes, that is right. A Dominator is the anachronism. It is now up to the team to get the Dominator away from Ray and back to where it belongs.

Stein has a secret.


While the other Legends are handling the two Rays, Jax finds out some shocking news. Stein has been sneaking off of the shift. He also made of cross space walkie talkie. Jax and Rory assume the worst and come up with an absurd theory.

“You are reporting back to the Time Bureau.”

“Don’t be absurd.”

What was actually happening? Dr. Stein was being a concerned Father and was checking up on Lily. It turns out she is about to give birth and Stein wants to leave. Instead of arguing Mick tells Stein he has to be there and they will help. Mick has a soft spot for babies!

They take off and Stein gets to be there for the birth of his first grandchild. Guess what the baby’s name is? RONNIE! Can you believe it? Such a wonderful name.



I am just going to say it, the baby Dominator is the cutest thing ever. He genuinely likes little Ray. I mean they watch musicals together! Little Ray found the Dominator wondering around and took it home. It turns out many men in black are looking for him. They are willing to kill Ray to get it back.

The men in black aren’t the only ones looking for Ray and the Dominator. Baby Dominator’s Mom is looking for it to. She also happens to be the Queen of the Dominators. The men in black find Zari, little Ray, and the Dominator and kidnap them. It is up to Ray to save them. He and Zari take out the men.

  • Once they are safely away from the men, the Queen comes after them.
  • Little Ray stops her by giving back the baby Dominator.
  • The Queen and the baby leave them in peace.

Trick or Treat


Little Ray is sad that his friend left. Zari decides to cheer him up by having the team take him trick or treating. It is awesome!

What did you think of last night’s episode? It was cute right? See you next week my Legends!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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