‘Gotham’ recap: 4×07 “A Day in the Narrows”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 07, “A Day in the Narrows,” Aired Nov 2, 2017

The Narrows: The poorest of the poor, the hardest of the hard.

What delivery person doesn’t get suspicious when there’s red oozing down the side of their deliveries? Apparently, the ones in Gotham. Professor Pyg is on a roll in this week’s episode, and the GCPD repeatedly narrowly miss him (see what I did there?). So sit back, relax, and get deceived just as easily as the GCPD.

Oh, and practically everyone on this show has a flip phone.

“Bacon-flavored death masks”

Gotham 4x07 A Day in The Narrows recap Harvey and Penguin ignore Jim Gordon GCPD suffers

You know an episode is going to be interesting when it starts with a murderer sending 44 severed pig heads to the GCPD – one for every cop except one (guess who). Yup, Jim Gordon.

Message received, Professor Pyg. Message received further when Pyg kidnaps three cops from The Narrows.

Apparently, Pyg is short for Pygmalion, and that’s why the Professor spells his name with a Y. On the same phone call to Jim where the villain explains this, he reveals that he got away, despite the GCPD’s belief that they have him where they want him. Pyg ended up hiding behind the mask of an injured (now dead) cop. He fooled them all. Rather than listen to Jim, who has just spoken directly to the villain himself, Harvey and Penguin completely ignore him, and the GCPD – Pax Penguina force charges right into a trap. When will they learn to listen to Jim?

At least they stop following Penguin’s licensing system after the whole debacle is settled.

Penguin’s new security system

Gotham 4x07 recap A Day in The Narrows Headhunter is Penguin's new security

At the suggestion of Victor Zsasz – who is off visiting his bubbie – Penguin hires Headhunter as his replacement right-hand man. Headhunter has a signature: He always shoots twice. The first bullet always gets the job done. The second, well, that’s his signature.

Headhunter and Jim clash immediately. However, when Headhunter is hit by Pyg’s trap, Jim saves his life. Jim is always “one of the good ones.” Jim’s heroism was pretty worthless though, as Penguin goes for the kill. Headhunter’s time on the show was pretty short. Zsasz is not going to believe everything that went down in his absence.

Meanwhile, Sofia continues to play Penguin. She appears to be getting exactly what she wanted. Penguin ignores her opinion about siding with the GCPD, and it comes back to bite him. Sofia is a smart girl, and I think Penguin is underestimating her. Also, Penguin isn’t great with kids.

Gotham 4x07 A Day in The Narrows recap Penguin no good with kids Sofia Falcone

Girl group breakup

Gotham 4x07 A Day in The Narrows recap Barbara Tabitha Selina team up again

Without Ra’s al Ghul, Barbara feels she has no need to keep up her business deal with Tabitha and Selina, so she disbands the group. Unhappy with Barbara’s decision, Selina takes matters into her own hands. Selina successfully steals a large amount of cash from a huge motorcycle gang, but she gets trapped on the scene and calls Tabitha to rescue her. When Tabitha gets trapped with Selina in her rescue attempt, it is Barbara who ends up saving the day. And just like that, the three of them are back as a team. I like this quirky little group of badass females.

Bruce’s anger management problems

Gotham 4x07 A Day in The Narrows recap Bruce's new identity

Bruce is still feeling guilty after the whole Ra’s al Ghul situation. He overreacts at a charity gathering he and Alfred hosted, going off on a clumsy waiter and Alfred.

After that tantrum, Bruce is visited by an old friend. Grace brings Bruce back to her friend’s place, and it turns out Grace’s friend is a tool (Grace’s other friend’s word). During the interaction, Bruce has a fantasy of beating him up. Lucky for our hero, it was merely a fantasy, and he instead gets him back by buying the nightclub the friends could not get into and not letting “the tool” in. Using money for revenge – you go, Bruce. Just as satisfying.

And then Bruce lets loose and parties. It’s honestly pretty amusing. I really want to see Alfred’s reaction to Bruce’s partying in the next episode.


Next week will bring competition. Friendships will be tested as plots continue to escalate. Solomon Grundy and Lee return to our screens, likely bringing Nygma along with them; I missed these three this week. I hope we will see more of our female power group that is newly back together after the shortest hiatus ever. And I’m absolutely still suspicious of whatever Ra’s al Ghul did to Barbara before Bruce killed him.

I really love the preview of next week, so be sure to tune in to find out if the episode lives up to the excitement. Knowing Gotham, it will.


Next week:

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