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‘Dynasty’ recap episode 1×04 “Private as a Circus”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “Private as a Circus”, Aired Nov. 1, 2017

How far will the Carrington family go to protect their secrets? Well, we now know they will step outside their comfort zone of the mansion. Desperation was definitely the name of the game this week.

Blake is desperate to get Matthew’s phone back. Cristal is desperate to go on their honeymoon. Fallon is as desperate to make a name for herself as Steven is to prove his innocence. Sam is desperate to stop the sex tape between Cristal and Matthew from being sold to the highest bidder.

Business or pleasure

Jeff and Fallon continue with their sexual innuendos as they discuss their continuing business ventures. But Jeff doesn’t seem pleased when Fallon insists on doing things herself. Something that proves extremely difficult for Fallon as she goes against a former high school classmate. Someone she didn’t even remember at the beginning of the meeting.

Dynasty recap episode 1x04

To add insult to injury, Jeff proves his worth and charm by reminding Fallon of who Kori was. Jeff and Monica team up to tell Fallon she needs to start listening and paying attention to what’s going on around her. We don’t know if that’s going to be happening any time soon. What we do know is that Fallon certainly wasn’t paying attention to much besides Jeff stripping down and jumping in the pool. Yeah, keep saying you aren’t interested Fallon.

Dynasty recap episode 1x04

Jeff and Michael have a Fallon based interaction. It begins with Jeff seemingly protecting Fallon by making sure Michael isn’t going to drink and drive her home. It ends with Jeff seeing an opportunity and taking it by setting up Michael with Kori. The only question is whether or not Jeff did it to help seal the deal with Kori, or to make sure Michael and Fallon stay away from each other. We’re going to go with both because we still have hope for Fallon and Jeff.

Friends and family

Sam goes to Steven for help on getting Matthew’s phone back. Steven is shocked about the fact that his father lied to him about returning the phone. But part of him probably should have been used to that type of betrayal by now. What surprised us was Steven’s lack of surprise that Sam’s friend is the one who robbed them.

Dynasty recap episode 1x04

Steven proves that even though he’s the most honorable of the Carrington family, he’s still willing to do what needs to be done to protect himself and his family. Then Steven proves the obviously real feelings he has for Sam by insisting he stays out of trouble. We hope you aren’t making a mistake on that one, Steven.

Dynasty recap episode 1x04

Steven fights back as he surprises Sam with a sting on his so called friend. He had to have guessed that the no one in the Carrington family was just going to let two hundred throusand dollars go. Even if it is chump change to them. This causes some more tension between Sam and Steven, something their relationship really doesn’t need. Something made even worse when Steven gets the full truth behind Sam’s involvement in the burglary.

Butler knows best

Anders continues to prove that he knows everything. In between snarky comments to Cristal and Sam, along with his suspicion of them, is his knowledge of what goes on in the mansion. The look on Michael’s face when Anders clearly let him know that he knew about the affair with Fallon was priceless.

Dynasty recap episode 1x04

Despite Anders subtle warnings and threats, Michael chooses to go into the club with Fallon anyway. It shocks us all when Fallon introduces Michael as her boyfriend, but we’re sure there are ulterior motives to it. With Fallon, aren’t there always. She proves that Michael will never come first when she leaves him to deal with business and no explanation.

Dynasty recap episode 1x04

The rift between Fallon and Michael only grows as he overhears Fallon telling Monica that he means nothing. Maybe Michael should have taken Anders’ words into a little more careful consideration. The butler seems to be the only one involved with this family that knows what is going on and what needs to happen.

Sibling bond and deceit

The sibling bond between Fallon and Steven is as strong as ever. They are definitely sibling goals. Even when they can’t stand the sight of each other, they still stand by the other. Fallon insists on the two of them only relying on each other and no one else. Steven seems okay to do this, but also thinks they need to learn to at least trust a few other people as well. This is something we all feel Fallon needs to learn.

Dynasty recap episode 1x04

The bond between Fallon and Steven stands strong even as Fallon releases the video of Cristal and Matthew herself. We know that Sam and Cristal assume it was Sam’s friend that sold the tape. But will Steven assume the same? To add some more drama and danger to the situation, Claudia has also seen the video.

Dynasty recap episode 1x04

What did you think of the tension between all of our favorites this episode? Willy’s death is suspicious but ruled a homicide. It also provided a lot of answers. Will Steven blame himself? Or will he just enjoy his innocence? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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