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‘The Flash’ 4×04 – “Elongated Journey into the Night” recap

The Flash episode “Elongated Journey into the Night” aired October 31, 2017.

Happy Halloween! I want to be disappointed at the lack of festivities in Central City, but The Flash made it up with some insane humour.

Also, is it just me or Barry’s opening speech getting longer and less catchy?

Breaching the gap

Cisco and Gypsy are having some cuddly time when Cisco breaches (geddit?) an all-important question: what is Gypsy’s name? Gypsy avoids the question and is spared from answering when her dad, Breacher, breaches in and attacks Cisco. He also starts using the nickname “Cisky”.

the flash breacher
image: the CW

Cisco brings Breacher to Star Labs. Harry pulls Cisco aside to impart some relationship advice, which surprisingly makes sense. They are both breachers and both love Gypsy. However, the idea of a coffee hangout falls flat because coffee reminds Breacher that his home earth was attacked by Plastoids. He declares that he will hunt Cisco for 24 hours. In the perpetually zero chance that Cisco survives without using his powers, he will have proven himself worthy of Gypsy.

“This facility is poorly guarded.”

— Breacher, inspecting Star Labs. We know, man, we know.

Cisco runs back to Star Labs. Harry is ready for another actually good pep talk. After a tangent about how weak and pathetic Cisco looks, he reminds Cisco that his real superpower is his smarts. And that he has tech to help him. Help him build a trap, specifically.

the flash cisco ramon harry wells
image: the CW

Cisco uses a hologram to lure Breacher into the trap, but the man has a KNIFE THAT CAN CUT THROUGH FORCE FIELD. Is that even real?!

Bad blood

Cisco, Caitlin and Harry are all super-geniuses, such that sometimes we forget Barry himself is pretty smart. He reminded us this week being detective. The team haven’t had any luck identifying which out of hundreds of commuters were the specific 12 people on the fateful bus. They do discover the bud driver is dead, but there is seemingly no foul play. Their best lead is an IOU to the driver from Ralph Dibny, a former cop turned PI.

Barry has an old grudge against Dibny. When he just joined the force, he exposed Dibny for planting evidence to implicate a prime murder suspect. Dibny was thrown off the force as a result. Someone hates Dibny more, though. Dibny discovered the mayor’s extramarital affair and is blackmailing him, so the mayor wants him dead. In trying to kill him, the mayor’s mobsters inadvertently trigger Dibny’s powers: superhuman elasticity.

Hilarity ensues at Star Labs as Dibny and Barry get on each other’s nerves, while Dibny’s uncontrollable powers mildly freak everyone else out. Imagine having to restructure your face every time you sneeze.

the flash 404
image: tumblr – westallenolicitygifs

An annoyed Barry declares Dibny and all the bus metas “villains”, much to Caitlin’s displeasure. After a 1-on-1 with Iris, he admits that Caitlin has a point and that he should have some sympathy.

Burying the hatchet

Iris discovered a bomb in Dibny’s office. Dibny isn’t surprised, since he specialises in finding cheating, eloping husbands. When Barry and Joe connect Dibny to the mayor, the mayor sends his men to kill them. They the mayor will kill Dibny when he goes to “pay” him. Breacher, while chasing Cisco, sees surveillance video of Dibny and thinks he is a Plastoid coming to terrorise Earth-1.

the flash 404 cisco ramon vibe ralph dibny
image: the CW

Barry, Joe, Cisco and Breacher all converge on Dibny and the mayor’s meeting. Dibny is shot, but uses his powers to avoid a bullet wound. Too bad he can’t use the same trick against vibe blasts. In the confusion, the mayor grabs Joe and boards a helicopter. Cisco defends Dibny against Breacher, earning the man’s respect.

Barry reveals himself as the Flash to convince Dibny to help him catch the mayor’s helicopter. In his relief, Joe blurts out that Cecile is pregnant. They go back to Star Labs and celebrate. Breacher unknowingly divulges Gypsy’s real name to Cisco – Cynthia. By the way, Breacher’s name is Josh.

the flash cisco ramon gypsy
image: the CW


Barry questions why Dibny started investigating the mayor. Dibny did it in response to a client he has never met and only knows as “DeVoe”. Barry recalls Abra Kadabra and Savitar mentioning the name. DeVoe would be Clifford DeVoe, the Thinker! Savitar said they built a ‘cerebral inhibitor’ to stop him.

Meanwhile, Caitlin finds an ominous message left on her apartment door. “We miss you. See you soon.” What could that mean?


  • Harry had some amazing pep lines for Cisco. “You’re a fine, upstanding, smart, well-groomed young man. Every father would be happy to have you date their daughter, except me.”
  • Breacher to Harry: “You look like someone I once sent my daughter to kill.”
  • “I look like a Hemsworth!” –Dibny after using his powers to fix his beer belly.
  • “Everyone gets struck by lightning and dies! …I liked the Flash, now I gotta hate the Flash!” –Dibny, when Barry revealed he was the Flash.
  • Breacher: You’re a steadfast warrior…but I still hate you.
    Gypsy: I’ve never seen him gush like that.
    Cisco: That’s gushing? I’m scared to see him loving me.
  • “I would laugh really hard right now but my face would fall off.” –Dibny to Barry

Next week: bachelor and bachelorette parties!

If you love The Flash and can’t get enough of it, run to our Flash Zone!

(featured image: the CW)


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