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‘Riverdale’: Brad and Cort Talk Nighthawks and Red Hoods

Riverdale returns tomorrow with an all-new episode. Hit play and listen in as Brad and Cort speculate about Riverdale’s serial killer and the latest clues from “NightHawks” and “Watcher in the Woods”. Archie has taken matters into his own hands after Fred’s shooting and Miss Grundy’s murder. Kevin’s less worried about the serial killer/shooter roaming around the small town and more so worried about finding his own intimacy and connection. Things didn’t go well with him and his last boo, Joaquin, especially after finding out the other kid was working for FP Jones. His friends are all pairing off and there aren’t a lot of options in Riverdale for Kevin. Hiram lodge continues to be up to no damn good and despite his best intentions to keep his distance, Jughead gets pulled further into life as a Southside Serpent.

What do you think Mr. Lodge is up to exactly and has Veronica really forgiven her dad or is still working through her suspicions? Do you think Betty crossed a line in going to Sherriff Keller or it’s what she should have done as Kevin’s friend? Also, what’s up with Cheryl this season? Is she back to her true mean girl self or is it all a front? Give us a listen and then drop us a comment to let us know what you thought of the episodes and who has landed on your list of suspects.


Brad & Cort Talk “Nighthawks” and “Watcher in the Woods”


Riverdale airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c

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