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Horrorcast: Brad and Cort Talk ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

Brad and Cort are back with quite the treat for this Hallow’s Eve. Listen in as we dive right in with Tobe Hooper‘s classic gorefest, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That’s right!  In this episode, we cover the original film and touch in the sequels that followed, as well as, behind the scene tidbits. Hit play and listen in as we talk Leatherface and the original final girl, Sally Hardesty (Marilyn Burns). Sorry, Jamie Lee.

Be sure to drop us a tweet or comment telling us your favorite scary movie. Also, this will be the first of many Horrorcasts to come. Are you ready to creeped TF out with us?!

Brad and Cort Talk ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’



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