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‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ recap: 3×03 “Josh is a Liar”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: Episode 3×03 “Josh is a Liar” aired Oct. 27, 2017.

Young Rebecca made her return this week to help her older counterpart undermine Josh’s credibility. Why? Besides destroying Josh Chan (which is the overall goal, obviously) Bex needed to make his friends doubt his truthfulness before he revealed everything she told him in last week’s wedding dress-clad breakdown.

The Songs

We had two solos this week, both by a character who doesn’t often take over the musical spotlight.

The Moment is Me: Heather (reluctantly) belts out her uncertainty about her future in a broadway-esque tune. It’s a perfect choice, because it’s so unexpected. Heather herself criticizes the fact that she’s singing it at all! She points out the ridiculousness of her own scene, criticizing an eagle flying by as being “so on the nose,” since she had just sang a metaphor about an eagle. It’s so Heather – forced into a ridiculous situation and defusing it with iconic snark.

I Go to The Zoo: This song is adorable. Asshole Nathaniel is actually a fuzzy little kangaroo lover underneath his cold exterior. Through a Drake-esque musical number, Nathaniel explains that he loves the zoo – so much, in fact, that he has access to it after hours (he knows the security guard.) The song’s punchline comes when Nathaniel heartbrokenly croons that sometimes, the zoo isn’t enough. When that happens, he goes… to the aquarium. (It’s a zoo for fishies.) How can Nathaniel possibly be such an absolute cupcake, and yet still technically an almost murderer?

Rebecca gets brutal

We gotta get this discussion out of the way. Rip the band-aid off, so to speak, and discuss the single most painful part of this episode (and one of the worst in the whole show.) Rebecca realizes that she cannot continue suing Josh after telling him everything she has done in the past two years, but rather than explain this to Paula, she uses another tactic to end the lawsuit. It’s awful to watch. Rebecca intentionally makes Paula doubt her abilities as an aspiring lawyer for completely selfish reasons.

The actors and creators have even commented on how difficult this scene was to shoot, which says a lot. It’s hard to watch two characters we really care for act this way, and its especially disappointing to see Rebecca tearing down her fellow woman.

Bad news for Heather, The Student

It’s time for Heather to graduate! Yay? No. Not yay. Heather loves her life as a student, and her educational status is her go to identifier when relating herself to the world. The problem is, she’s gotta leave – she’s taken literally every class. What will this mean for Heather? Will she have to get a real job? Will she lose all sense of her identity, which has been so intricately wound with the word “student” for so long? Time will tell.

Oh my God he thinks he likes her

Sound familiar? There was a brilliant callback to Rebecca’s iconic song with Nathaniel this week. Upon realizing that he had more than sexual feelings for Bex, he says: “Oh my God I think I like her.” Is this a sign that Nathaniel will be the new Greg? It makes sense, considering Greg’s storyline ended rather abruptly, and Nathaniel’s started much the same way. We aren’t suggesting that these men are just interchangeable, but there has been a clear Greg-shaped vacuum in the show, and Nathaniel is starting to make it feel a bit less empty. And plus, Nathaniel really loves the zoo, which makes us really love Nathaniel.

CODE RED: Josh opened the envelope!!!

Yikes!! After months of holding on to, but never opening, Rebecca’s secret file, Josh finally opened it. Actually, Father Brah opened it, but the end result was the same. Josh now knows about Bex’s past with Robert, and if that wasn’t bad enough, he immediately called Paula and filled her in. Paula gathers the girl squad and heads to Rebecca’s place just in time to see her in Nathaniel’s arms, bridal style, ready to hit the private jet and escape the country. With the majority of our main cast at Rebecca’s place, envelope in hand, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has set us up for a crazy next episode. The assumption is that Paula and friends will judge Bex, but we are betting that may not be the case. Paula is well versed in Rebecca’s “crazy” so there can’t be much that will truly shock her. Sure, Rebecca overheard Paula saying that she doesn’t know Rebecca at all, but we bet there’s some greater scheme going on here.

Until next week, all we can do is speculate! What do you think? Is Rebecca even still redeemable at this point? Are Bex’s friends done with her for good, or will they show concern and try to help her? How will Nathaniel react? Chime in down below or find us on Twitter – @Pure_Fandom! For more Crazy, visit our very own little piece of West Covina.

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