‘The Deuce’ recap: 1×07 “Au Reservoir”

The Deuce recap: Season 1, Episode 7, “Au Reservoir”, aired Oct 22, 2017

We’re one episode away from the season finale, and The Deuce episode 7 is surely setting us up for some action.  Let’s jump right to it with this week’s recap!

Ashley, the “free girl”

The deuce episode 7

So far in the show Ashley has seemed to always draw the short stick, and it reflects in her attitude. She treats Lori like shit because C.C. has a clear preference for her instead. It’s no different this week. C.C. sends Ashley out to work while Lori rests for her shoot. While walking on the street and talking to Darlene, Ashley does something we’ve been waiting to see. She says, “Fuck this,” and just walks away from it all. She finds herself at the Hi-Hat, and getting close to Frankie. The new pair get invited to go to a red carpet movie premiere for Boys in the Sand, a gay erotica, with Paul and his date. (P.S. Ashley and Frankie totally hook up.)

Frankie tells Abby that he’s “got a situation” in reference to Ashley, right after they leave the hotel. It turns out Abby stashes Ashley away in her apartment to keep her safe from C.C. or any other harm. When Ashley decides that she won’t be going back to C.C. she discusses what she might move on to do. Abby and her go to the train and Ashley looks like she may be headed back to her sister’s. However, the episode ends on her heading out on the escalator. Where will Ashley end up? Are we going to be seeing her soon?

Bobby, the “businessman”

Darlene has moved indoors to the parlor, and finds one of the other prostitutes, Shay, has overdosed on heroin. Although  Shay survives, her pimp, Reggie, has no regard for her well-being. (Don’t worry, he gets what’s coming to him.) He visits Vinnie and gives him a piece of his mind about Shay not being in the parlor making money while instead getting medical help. Vinnie officially makes the stance that Bobby is running the parlor now, so Reggie can take it up with him. However, we come to find that Bobby has some….strange…business tendencies.

The deuce episode 7
Outkick the Coverage

Bobby tries to send some customers Darlene’s way when she has a slow night, which draws directly away from another girl. He pays her to sit with him for a little bit, trying to make up for the money she would’ve missed out on. Will this move come back to haunt him? Thunder Thighs calls him out on this when Bobby goes to order food for the girls. She calls him out for continuing to give her money to sit at the bar while the other girls have to work for it. To top it all of the tag-teaming prostitutes get caught stealing from a customer at the parlor, and get banned from the establishment for their behavior.

And once again, another cop wants a piece of the pie. A detective comes into the parlor in plain clothes stating that he’s part of the public task force and can “turn the other cheek” if he’s compensated.

Candy, the “director”

We first see Candy again in the prostitute role at a hotel with some high profile guy. With no surprise, the sex is just something to get by until the next shoot and you can tell Candy is unhappy. He gets sick and kicks her out right after. Can you say Douche-ington?

The next shoot finally comes around and we get what we’ve been hoping for finally! She ends up taking some leadership with making a call on getting the actors food and changing the appearance of the bedroom. That’s just the start, though. When they return to set she gives cues and direction to the actors, including an unexpected confidence boost for Lori. This leading attitude is definitely setting Candy up to become a great director who has an eye for it and wants to take care of the actors, too.

Alston, the “grass eater”

the deuce episode 7
Openload Movies

First off, we get the kiss we’ve been waiting for. I mean, we’ve really been getting a lot of things we’ve wanted on The Deuce episode 7, so we’ll take that win. While out with Sandra, Alston reveals that the sharks are paying them to play into their game and keep the girls off the streets or arrested. It’s just another confirmation on our suspicion that it’s a pay off to make them more business. When she drops him off, she admires his apartment complex. He invites her up to see it and THEY KISS! YES!

Later, we see Alston giving the captain of the police force a tour of the area. When Alston inquires why he is the one chosen for this, the captain replies with a long talk about being a “meat eater”. His analogy shows his concern for the changes that are coming to the force and if Alston is capable of being a stand-up guy instead of grazing on the corruption as everyone else does.

The deuce episode 7

So what did you all think of The Deuce episode 7? What was up with Abby purposefully rebelling against her parents and using Vinnie in the process? What will happen to Ginger after her break down at the parlor? Is Lori’s glimpse of stardom at the end of the episode going to change her? AND how about Reggie’s demise at the diner? Let us know in the comments!


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