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‘Dynasty’ recap episode 1×03 “Guilt is for Insecure People”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 3, “Guilt is for Insecure People”, Aired Oct. 25, 2017

There were so many things on point this week, we don’t know where to start! Well, maybe we do. The soundtrack was on fire! Not only did we get some awesome eighties jams, but we got some pretty sweet remixes of them! Next, we can easily discuss the on point tribute to not only the outfits of the eighties, but also to the outfits of the original. Before we get carried away talking about how much we love the eighties, let’s break it down!

‘Love Hurts’

Fallon is going to have some tough decisions on her hand, but who she is going to be with will be one of the toughest. Will it be Michael, or will it be Jeff? Let’s discuss how Fallon treats the two men. When it comes to Michael, she runs pretty hot and cold. One moment, she isn’t showing him any respect, and the next she’s acting as if he does actually mean something to her. But Fallon doesn’t have feelings. Does she?

When it comes to Jeff, there is definitely some hot chemistry there. The two of them actually seem to be building a friendship that could easily turn into something more. There is a pretty deep connection that Fallon seems to be actively trying to avoid. Jeff agrees that things should remain business as well. But this could just prove to make a stronger foundation for what could be a killer relationship. We don’t mean that literally. Hopefully.

‘Don’t You Want Me’

Blake refuses to allow Fallon to use the Carrington name. While it is technically his, isn’t it also hers? We don’t have to worry about it as Blake decides to let her use the name. But Fallon pulls another fast one and tells her father that she doesn’t want to use his name. She want to go out and make a name for herself instead. Power to you, Fallon!

Dynasty recap episode 1x03

We can’t help but feel that Fallon’s anger really comes from her strive for Blake’s acceptance. Just a daughter who wants her father to realize how hard she’s worked to get where he is. She just wants Blake to tell her he is proud of her. Of course, Blake allowing Fallon to run the company would be a great bonus. Something that we’re sure she could do if she would begin working with her father instead of the two of them going head to head.

‘Under Pressure’

Steven loses some of his sarcastic snark as Blake berates him for getting involved in a protesting group to begin with. Then the Carrington patriarch has the audacity to actually ask his son if he is guilty of Matthew’s murder! Okay, well maybe it would be an odd thing for a parent to ask if their family was normal. But we all know the Carringtons run their lives by a whole different set of rules.

Dynasty recap episode 1x03

Steven is going to need some help to get away from these charges. Unfortunately his alibi is Sam and he isn’t  the most reliable. Not only because of his past transgressions with the law, but also because of the family that seems to be coming out of the woodwork with their dark pasts in tow.

‘Tainted Love’

While Michael won’t give Fallon any details on what he hears from Blake as his driver, he’s more than happy to give them to Steven. Especially if he can offer up some information Steven can use to put his father in a more defensive position. We don’t care what Blake does, as long as Steven is kept out of jail.

While Cristal and Fallon go at each other as usual, Fallon actually makes some  good points. It seems as if she actually put aside some of her animosity and made actual business suggestions. Postponing the gala would have been a bad idea and even worse PR move. Maybe Cristal doesn’t know as much about business as she likes to portray.

Anders is pretty suspicious of Cristal, and with good reason. She has lied about nearly everything about herself. When her sister is in trouble and Cristal tries to help her out, she’s surprised to find that her accounts have been combined with Blake’s. Anders delights in telling her that if she spends any large sums of cash, Blake will find out about it. Hmm, seems like someone has your number Cristal. Or whatever your name is.

Dynasty recap episode 1x03

‘Time After Time’

Things at the gala go from tense to downright violent. Not only do Cristal and Fallon get nasty with each other once again, but Fallon also tries to get one up on her father. Then we’ve got Blake and Jeff having a competition to see who’s, wallet, is bigger. We’re still not really clear on which one won. The situation does end up in a fight. Another situation that we aren’t really sure on who won.

Dynasty recap episode 1x03

Everything about the gala seems to revolve around this ridiculously priced necklace. Fallon and Cristal fight over who is going to wear it. Jeff and Blake fight after Jeff is willing to pay more money for the necklace. By the end of the night, Cristal debates on taking the necklace, ultimately deciding not to. What does this mean for her sister? Will she just leave her? Cristal probably could have just asked Blake for the money.

What did you think of this episode? Who killed Matthew? Who do you think Fallon will choose? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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