‘Will and Grace’ recap: 1×05 “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying”

Will & Grace recap, Season 1, Episode 5, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying,” Aired October 26, 2017

Grace & Will

Both Will and Grace have very exciting days. Will’s up for promotion to senior partner and Grace has the chance to land a huge client. They start the day off with their normal without-boundaries friendship talk, where Will convinces Grace not to wear a cold-shouldered dress and Grace convinces Will to change his passive striped tie into a power red tie.

For the both of them, sealing the deal equates to affirmation that their career paths are fulfilling. If power gay Eli Wolf (Max Greenfield) accepts Grace’s bid to design his fifteen hotels, then she gets to scale her business like never before. If Will gets the senior partnership, then his professional life will be secure and completely predictable.

Like always, though, a few problems immediately crop up. Grace finds out that Eli is debating between her and another designer, and something that will curry Eli’s favor is hooking him up with Will. Will discovers that his initial reaction to finding out he got the partnership is dread.

His dread turns into full-on crying panic attack, which turns off Eli who had simply wanted to sex up Will that night.

Grace, on one of her obsessive drives, can’t do anything but yell at Will for putting Eli off with his crying and depressive declaration that he hates his job. Instead of asking Will why he was crying in the first place, she runs off to intercept Eli.

She finds Eli at his helicopter launchpad and does her best to defend herself and her skills, pimping skills notwithstanding. She’s totally surprised when Eli tells her that 1) she got the gig and 2) Will is unhappy with his job.

She goes back to her and Will’s apartment upon the realization that she wasn’t being a supportive friend. She’s shocked to discover that Will cringes against the thought of living a life that will be forever planned out to the tee, with no room for spontaneity or surprises.

This prompts Grace to ask Will to take a giant risk, leave the law firm, and join her interior decorating firm.

After about 0.1289 seconds of consideration, Will happily and enthusiastically accepts her offer.


Jack’s ecstatic: He bought a scratch-off lottery ticket for the after-school program’s director’s brother, Theodore, and Theodore won $2000. He’s under the impression that they will be splitting that $2000 equally.

Theodore is not under the same impression.

The two of them end up in a Latino-American misunderstanding (their mutually agreed upon take on the potentially racist phrase “Mexican stand-off”). That misunderstanding is broken when one of the after-school kids informs Jack that her dad’s car broke down and she needs someone to walk her to the train station.

Moved, Jack and Theodore agree to give the $2000 to her, so that her dad can get his car fixed. (He’s a Lyft driver whose livelihood is 100% linked with his car’s ability to work.)


Karen’s usual hospitality suite at her very expensive country club has been taken by the one and only Beverly Leslie. They exchange their usual niceties, which include a brief discussion Beverly’s change in muscular henchman and Beverly’s extensive bout of plastic surgery.

Later, Beverly’s completely doped up on morphine, and he confesses a very personal secret to Karen: He’s gay.

Karen is not shocked at all.

What does shock her is Beverly’s plea to help him tell his wife Crystal the truth. When Karen relents (once Beverly promises her that he’ll give up the hospitality suite) and tries to help him, Beverly completely backtracks. What he confessed under morphine is not anything he wants to address sober.

So what does Karen do? Text Crystal that her completely-heterosexual husband wants to celebrate her birthday with some aggressive lovemaking.



Remarkable Quotes

  • “What did we say about miniskirts after 40?” “No more knees.”
  • “You’re much older than me, so I don’t get your Chipmunks reference.”
  • “Why, Beverly Leslie, I thought they tore down all the corroded old Confederate statues.”
  • “It’s what Shonda calls ‘conflama!’”


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