‘Gotham’ recap: 4×06 “Hog Day Afternoon”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 06, “Hog Day Afternoon,” Aired Oct 26, 2017

This week’s episode was perfectly timed to air less than a week before Halloween. I’m tempted to get a severed pig head mask and wear it around on Tuesday. The introduction of Professor Pyg is not something I expected this season, but they absolutely made it work. Not only did we have a freaky villain, but I am an absolute sucker for Jim and Harvey going around being awesome together. Their joint-shakedown had me grinning from start to finish. Oh, the bromance.

But wait, there’s more. Let’s get into what happened on this hog day afternoon.

It’s not a date

Sofia continues to play at Penguin’s emotional side. Her goal: to have Penguin in the palm of her hand. Sofia is really good at playing Penguin’s friend. I’m still not sure what she has up her sleeve.


Gotham 4x06 recap Hog Day Afternoon Penguin Sofia Falcone pyg pig


When Sofia stands up Penguin for what is absolutely in no way a date (right…), Penguin has Zsasz follow Sofia. Penguin’s right-hand man finds that Sofia is meeting with the mayor and buying abandoned property. Penguin assumes she is forming alliances with politicians and plotting war against him. And Penguin doesn’t like it.

Gotham 4x06 recap Hog Day Afternoon Sofia Falcone Penguin Victor Zsasz

Not shockingly, when Penguin thinks he’s found her out, Sofia proves him wrong by showing him the school for orphans she started. Doesn’s Penguin know what they say about assumptions?

Meanwhile, at Cherry’s

Gotham 4x06 recap Hog Day Afternoon Cherry's

Nygma begs Lee to help make him smart again. She refuses – turns out Lee can hold a serious grudge. At the same time, Grundy is approved to fight in the underground ring. And no surprise, he’s pretty amazing at it. Cherry keeps the best friends around, seeing a financial opportunity in Grundy.

And Lee – when she’s not at Cherry’s, she is running an underground clinic for those in need. She feels guilty for the spread of the Alice Tetch virus, and she uses the clinic to help those in need. Well, Lee runs out of antibiotics for her underground clinic, so she agrees to help Nygma get smart again in exchange for some money he earned from Grundy’s fighting. This hesitant Lee and overconfident Nygma team-up should be interesting.

Gotham 4x06 recap Hog Day Afternoon pig Grudy and Ed Nygma smart again

Oink, oink

Gotham 4x06 recap Hog Day Afternoon oink oink professor pyg pig

A murderer who places severed pigs’ heads on the victims’ heads – perfect for a Halloween episode. Totally creepy. Anyone else cringe when Jim took the pig’s head off the cop only to find a grenade in his stomach?

Professor Pyg – self-proclaimed Jim Gordon fan – appeals to his and Jim’s shared hatred of Penguin’s licensed criminal system. Pyg claims that he is just trying to rid the GCPD of corruption, including Jim’s best friend, Harvey Bullock. Jim’s protectiveness of Harvey motivates him to free himself from Pyg’s restraints, but not before Pyg slashes Harvey’s neck. After picking my jaw up from the floor, I practically held my breath until they showed us that Harvey is going to be okay. And, oh yeah, Harvey has been taking money from Penguin since the licensing program started.

Also, props to the scene where the Professor quite literally puts lipstick on a pig.


Next week, we see get more of Professor Pyg (since Gordon let him go in order to save Harvey). Did he really think letting Pyg go wouldn’t have consequences?
The next episode also marks the return of Bruce, Selina, and Barbara, none of whom appeared in tonight’s episode. From the preview, it certainly looks like next week will be an action-packed hour.
Oink, oink, little piggies. Until next week.


Next week:

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