‘American Horror Story: Cult’ recap: 7×07 “Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag”

American Horror Story: Cult recap: Season 7, Episode 7, “Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag,” Oct. 17, 2017

This was an incredible twist to this season of American Horror Story: Cult! We are over half-way through this season. I honestly felt like I was watching a whole different season of American Horror Story. The whole flashback to set up Kai’s next moves in his cult really showed how powerful he has become. I’m going to try and break down the points that stood out to me from this episode and try not to fan out too hard. Keyword here is TRY!


So we have known before the season even aired that Lena Dunham was going to be appearing in this season of American Horror Story but would not know what role she would be playing and for how long that role would be around in the season. Well this episode we finally got our answer as to whom Lena Dunham would be portraying. That character was none other than Valerie Solanas, a real person, not a fictional character.

Quick history lesson for those of you who aren’t familiar with Valerie Solanas; Valerie was a radical feminist and author of the SCUM Manifesto and she also attempted to kill artist Andy Warhol. Now they follow the real life events very loosely and eventually it steers off into complete fiction with claiming that Valerie was the mastermind behind the zodiac killings. It is really interesting how American Horror Story does include details from real accounts of things that happened with Valerie. I think Lena Dunham was the perfect person to cast as Valerie because she looks pretty dang close to the real Valerie and plus Lena Dunham is a fabulous actress. Jumping real quickly to Andy Warhol because I am starting to fan out pretty hard. Evan Peters playing Andy Warhol, OMG, it was perfect. I seriously went back and re-watched his Warhol portrayal multiple times. It was that good! You guys know how much of a fan I am of Evan Peters and any chance we get to see him portray a new character I flip out in excitement!

Our flashback that took up most of this episode was really needed for the next move from Kai and WOWZERS was it mind blowing. We are introduced to the character Bebe Babbitt; portrayed by Frances Conry who we have seen in many past seasons of American Horror Story. Bebe was the girlfriend of Valerie and the one who tells the flashback story. We see Bebe gather all the females from the cult to spread the word that Kai is no good and that they need to take action right away to rid him of his power. We really see all the girls jump on board fast with this especially Winter, Kai’s sister.


After they hear the entire story of Valerie they can clearly see that Kai is going to leave them in the dust now that he has won the election. You can tell they all feel that Kai used them so he could gain more power and this is something they clearly aren’t happy about because essentially their lives have been ruined doing all of Kai’s dirty work. I got really excited at this point because I felt we were going to see this battle from within Kai’s cult and maybe for once Kai would be thrown off course. Sadly we saw the last we saw of Harrison because he was killed by all the ladies from the group, including Bebe.

Before this scene though, we see Winter talking to Kai and Kai confronts her about this SCUM Manifesto he found in her room while looking for her medicine that it appears he keeps stealing from her. Winter claims it’s a book from college but Kai knows better and questions her loyalty. After Winter claims she is loyal Kai proceeds to run some ideas by her that seem very against women and once Kai sees the anger in Winter’s eyes from telling her this he proceeds to blame the idea on Harrison. Hints why we lost Harrison this episode. As Winter leaves the room then Kai proceeds to tell Winter to “Say hello to the girls for me” and now we have been thrown this curveball of WTF. Why and how does Kai know everything that is going on around him?

Well, we soon find out that Kai not only knows about the girls possibly retaliating but also orchestrated the entire thing himself to test the loyalty of the girls in his cult. Seriously, this guy is one move ahead of everyone that is close to him. A mastermind if you will. So how did he set all this up? None other than hiring Bebe Babbitt to try and persuade the girls! That’s right Bebe was working for Kai the entire time. This seriously right here I did not see coming and is one of the few times I was sitting there watching this show and my jaw literally dropped. Of course this is where the episode ends when we find out they are working together.

I don’t know what else to say about Kai besides is there anything he hasn’t thought of yet. Do you guys personally think we will ever see the fall of Kai? We will keep trekking on with this season and see how it turns out. Right now one of the great things I found out is they aren’t taking a mid-season break like the past seasons so there will be no waiting for us to find out. I for one hate mid-season breaks so I welcome this format for all future seasons. Thanks for sticking with me through my sporadic fan boy article this week. Like I said I would TRY not to fan out but I don’t think I succeed, haha. Talk to you all in the next one!

American Horror Story: Cult airs at 10pm est. exclusively on FX!



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