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‘The Flash’ 4×03 recap: “Luck be a Lady”

The Flash season 4 episode 3 aired October 24, 2017.

Team Flash might have been down on their luck tonight, but we the viewers weren’t, because Harry’s back! Again! He and Cisco immediately return to their squabbling ways. I didn’t realise how much I missed Tom Cavanagh, because this episode was the best this season yet.

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Lose your marbles

Our meta of the week is Rebecca Sharpe, who prefers to go by Becky. She has always had terrible luck. One day, after discovering her boyfriend’s infidelity and losing her job, she got on a bus (that Deacon was on) that was hit by a pulse of energy. Now suddenly she has all the luck in the world. Harry has a complicated scientific way of saying it. The gist is, wherever Becky goes, she has a quantum cloud around her that causes unlikely negative events to occur – bad luck. Cisco nicknames her ‘Hazard’. We also learn that even the Flash slips on marbles, and Cisco and Barry suck at laser tag…against kids.

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While Becky literally walks into a bank and takes money, Team Flash start experiencing “bad juju”. Barry and Iris’ wedding venue plans are being thwarted left, right and center. Barry accidentally sees Iris trying on her wedding gown. The West house apparently has lots of plumbing troubles. The contractor is at a lost for words. “This house is…” “Bitchin’?” Joe supplies, straight-faced. HA. Please, The Flash writers, put that line in as many episodes as you can.

The team believe they are jinxed, except Barry, who doesn’t believe in such things. Iris frets over their failing wedding plans, and Barry tells her that he would marry her anytime, anywhere (awwwwww).

the flash barry allen iris west westallen
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So Iris drags Barry to a random church TO GET MARRIED…as soon as they wrap up this funeral procession. Unfortunately, the Father experiences an allergic reaction to the incense before he can complete the ceremony. At least we get some AMAZING comedic work from Candice Patton and Grant Gustin.

If a failed Westallen wedding is this good, I can’t wait to see what the successful ceremony is like.

Life is a Gamble

Meanwhile, Cisco and Harry have been bickering their way around the city as they figure out how metas like Deacon and Becky got their powers. Harry locates a previous surge of dark matter on a nondescript curb, and Barry remembers it as where he first exited the speedforce. He gave the “bus metas” their powers. Now this is interesting! We still have metas of the week, but they have their powers from a different source.

Becky returns to her former workplace – a casino – and starts gambling. Her lucky streak is causing her bad luck cloud to expand. The West house starts to collapse, a Canadian goose gets sucked into the engine of a plane (I hope no geese were harmed in the making of this episode), and the particle accelerator activates on its own. Also, Barry accidentally handcuffs himself trying to get Becky, and surprisingly no one notices The Flash for a good five minutes.

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The particle accelerator is close to exploding and Harry and Cisco are nowhere near shutting it down. At the last moment, Harry tells Cisco to let the accelerator blow. It’s energy neutralises Becky’s unlucky cloud right before she hits the jackpot and really curses the whole city for good.

Twelve new metas, sitting on a bus

Back at Star Labs, Harry apologises to Cisco for his “salty-ass attitude”. He is in a bad mood because he was kicked off Team Quick for helicoptering and, as Cisco points out, he doesn’t have a life. But he could make one on Earth 1, with Team Flash.

Cecile and Joe decide not to sell the West house and get a new apartment. The DA also reveals she is pregnant! With the Tornado Twins already a possibility, team Flash is really gonna need more diapers.

Harry contemplates the strange coincidence that Samuroid demanded the Flash, inciting the team to release Barry from the speedforce, which in turn unleashed dark matter that created new metas. He is right. The Thinker seems to find things going to plan. He activates a spy camera in the samuroid helmet that sits in the cortex at Star Labs.

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A word about Wally

Poor Wally. He has been sidelined since Barry’s return and his girlfriend broke up with him via a breakup cube – the interdimensional way of breaking up via text. And right when he proved to be way more prepared to greet his breacher girlfriend than Cisco was last week. While everything in Central City was falling apart, Wally went to Earth-2 to speak to Jesse in person. She wants to take some time to herself and Wally decides to do that too, so he will be leaving to stay with a friend. There is a very touching moment when Joe says he doesn’t want to lose Wally, having spent so long without him in his life, but wishes the best for his son. Wally in turn tells Joe he will never lose his son. The love of the West family never fails to melt my heart.

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Don’t worry, Wally fans, I’m pretty sure he will be back for the real Westallen wedding, and the crossover. We haven’t seen the last of Kid Flash yet!

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