‘This Is Us’ recap: 2×05 “Brothers”

This Is Us recap: Season 2, Episode 5, “Brothers,” Aired Oct. 24, 2017

This Is Us brought us another episode that mainly focused on the relationship between Randall and Kevin. In one of the first moments ever seen between the two, we saw Kevin admit that when growing up, he had never been the best brother he could be. A camping trip was one example where Kevin didn’t act brotherly toward Randall.

Boys day out

This Is Us Brothers
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In this episode, Jack took the boys on a father/son camping trip to try and help the boy’s bond. He had his hands full, considering Kevin continued to give Randall a hard time even as the latter tried to bond with him.

It’s almost easy to forget that the relationship between Kevin and Randall wasn’t easy since we see in the present they are getting closer. But seeing the journey they took to get to that point has felt important to watch and learn about how they eventually come to establish their bond as brothers.

Different paths

This Is Us Brothers
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Kate is also still dealing with her journey of the pregnancy. It has been two weeks in the timeline since the last episode, and she does tell Toby, who is ecstatic. She is nervous about being excited for the pregnancy in case something happens, which is understandable. It makes sense too given her age and weight as she informs him.

Even though Kate has been trying to keep the news to herself, an incident with a woman from her weight loss group changes things. When she gets into a minor fender bender, she is so shaken that she blurts out the news of her pregnancy. It leads to Kate realizing that it felt good to share the news, and she allows Toby to tell a stranger the news as well. Of course, he does this in the most hilarious and cheesy way possible, which is just perfect for Toby.

As Kate revels in her joyous occasion, Kevin is battling demons of his own, in a similar way like his father. It’s terrifying to watch given what we saw of Jack’s journey, especially since his actions affect the gala. The pain he is going through because of his knee is affecting him, and he uses alcohol to try and get through it, which only makes things worse. When he ends up disappointing Sophie, it makes us worry for them as they are trying to get back on track.

One step forward

This Is Us Brothers
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While Kevin and Randall share a moment in which Randall does notice something seems off, he has his own situation with Deja to contend with. He still hasn’t been able to get her to talk to him, and at the gala, he accidentally upsets her after just trying to prevent her from choking on some shrimp. The moment Deja finally tells him what happened in one of the last foster homes she was in was sad to hear but it marked a new stage in their relationship.

We got a glimpse into what she went through before coming to the Pearson home. They still have a long road to go, but this was a breakthrough for Randall now that he understands the scope of what she has been through just a little bit more.

Lyric Ross shined in this episode; she played a different side to Deja than we’ve seen. From being bashful in Kevin’s presence to the moment she confessed what happened in her previous home. She gave us a look into the complex nature of who Deja as a person and as a young girl trying to come to terms with the trauma she has endured.


This Is Us Brothers
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It wasn’t just the Big 3, or Jack and the boys, going through their own things. Rebecca ended up being the one to go to Stanley Pearson as her father-in-law, whom she never met, lay dying. Even though for all intents and purposes, she didn’t have to stay there, she still did so to give Jack the chance to decide to come back or not.

I think Rebecca made the right decision. She wanted to give her husband the chance to decide on what to do rather than writing him off. It did take time away from her day with Kate, but the two of them stuck it out and still managed to have a cute conversation with one another.

Considering we know where Jack is heading, you almost wonder if his decision not go to to his father will affect him later on. Did he get a chance to say what he wanted to say to him years ago? Is there more he wants to say? Rebecca herself even takes the time to talk to Stanley about Jack, a decision that seemed to be a statement more of how his actions never affected Jack as a person.


This Is Us Brothers
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Just like his father told him to, young Randall gives Kevin time to himself. The young boy doesn’t express himself as to why he acts the way he does toward Randall. But when he finds notes Randall has taken about how to be a good brother to him, it seems to strike a chord in the 10-year-old. The audience knows it will still be a long time before the two really make trek in their relationship, but based on the hints we’ve seen and how Kevin has been there for Randall in the future, there is hope for their bond to grow.

There was another huge reveal, something we did not expect at all. Even though Jack’s father has been mentioned since the beginning, we knew nothing about any other relatives Jack had. Until now when we got a glimpse of his brother, Nicky. It also appears that, based on the photo Jack looks at, the two were in the war together. What happened to him? Is he the reason Jack is so focused on making sure Kevin and Randall have a better relationship?

The episode may not have been huge in terms of major revelations and you could almost call it a filler episode. However, it still managed to surprise you and set the audience up to see where the characters are going. Kate and Toby are prepared for their pregnancy journey, Randall is making progress with Deja, and Kevin is going down a slippery slope that we can only hope he will recover from.

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