Exclusive interview with Titus Makin on his new single, “Ropes”

Known for his work on shows such as Glee, Star-Crossed, and Pretty Little Liars, Makin has been no stranger to our TV screens. However, he is splashing into the music scene with his new song and music video, “Ropes,” — a soulful pop single with a brand new music video making waves. Here’s what Makin had to say about the single, his time on Glee, and his current role on Hulu’s The Path.

titus makin ropes

How do you find your inspiration when writing or creating music? And what about your writing process.

I honestly love starting with either a poem or just a word that has been lingering in my head for a while. I love writing from my personal experiences I’ve had in life and love. There are so many ways to start a song, but for me, as long as I can groove with it, I know I’m on a good path.

How do you think appearing in shows such as Glee shaped you into a musician?

Being on Glee definitely helped expand my musical vocabulary. It also began to get me way more comfortable to perform in front of large crowds.

Your single “Ropes” is really catchy! Can you delve into the meaning or story behind the song?

Thank you so much! It was inspired by the constant war we have with ourselves every single day! The inward battle of trying to rid yourself of old harmful habits and cling to the healthy. Keeping your connection to God and not turning away trying to fulfill your own selfish desires.

In terms of acting, which character that you have played has held the most significance in your life and why? 

Probably the character I’m currently playing on The Path named Caleb. We have a lot in common between growing up in the church, being a musician, and struggling with all that comes along with those worlds. And playing Caleb is my first time ever being able to be a solo musician—as I am in real life—on camera.

Can you talk about the making of your music video for “Ropes?”

It was a super fun experience that we took our time with and made sure the music video portrayed the energy of the song. It was extremely fun for me having my band and live dancers, which was an exciting first. I hope everybody enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Watch the music video for Titus Makin’s new single, “Ropes”:

Keep an eye out for Makin’s next song, “Good Love,” coming out soon, followed by his second EP, Lean.

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