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‘Arrow’ recap: 6×02 “Tribute”

Arrow recap: Season 6, Episode 2, “Tribute,” aired Oct. 19th, 2017.

Another last minute shake-up! Things are getting crazy around here, Arrowheads. With last week’s (seemingly) plot changing cliffhanger, and this week’s literal Arrow switch-up, season 6 is shaping up to be chock full of constant twists and turns! Not to mention, an awesome new intro! Let’s jump into it and discuss what exactly went down this week.


Mayor Queen is The Green Arrow

In news big enough to reach Central City, Channel 52 broke undeniable proof that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. Of course, this “undeniable” news was pretty easily denied within the hour, making the premiere’s big cliffhanger just a little cheap. Felicity and Curtis came to the rescue this week, proving that the photo was photo-shopped (and it really was!). Now one question remains: who tried to frame Oliver as the Green Arrow? And do they know that he actually is? Channel 52 issued a correction, letting everyone know about the falseness of the photo. But even if Oliver has escaped public suspicion once again (for now) he’s got the eyes of the FBI on him, and they don’t look to be glancing away any time soon.

arrow 6x02

Mayor Queen is… not… The Green Arrow?

At the end of the episode, Oliver asks John Diggle to don the Green Arrow suit. This isn’t an unheard of idea – Oliver asked the same of Diggle when he was under suspicion in season one. Only, this time is different. Oliver wants Diggle to permanently take over as The Green Arrow. Star City needs The Green Arrow, but Oliver’s son, William, needs a father. This is the solution. Initially, we wondered why it was okay to endanger Sara’s John Jr.’s father, but the idea Oliver is getting at is that John wouldn’t be an orphan if he lost his dad – William would. So the logic is fairly sound.


It’s not easy being Green

The new Green Arrow, Diggle, spent the episode struggling with an injury. Right when he was about to tell Oliver that he is unable to properly aim a gun, Oli offered him the Green Arrow gig. Ever the best friend, Diggle agreed, with no mention of his injury. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially since Dinah knows the truth. Speaking of Dinah, we’ve been getting some romantic vibes between her and Diggle. We really hope that it’s nothing – considering Diggle is presumably still married to Lyla – but what if this whole thing is the writers way of having a brief Green Arrow/Black Canary romance? The Arrow writers are known for adapting the comic canon in entirely creative ways, so could this be their way of paying tribute to the iconic couple, after Oliver/Laurel just did not work on screen? Time will tell.


The Technobabble Team make it official

The most successful tech team around – Felicity Smoak and Curtis Holt – spend the episode discussing career paths as they work to prove Oliver’s innocence. Felicity is shocked that Curtis has another tech job, and she seems rather offended. It turns out, Felicity was hoping that Curtis would go into business with her, and had even already drawn up the papers. The story ends on a happy note with Curtis agreeing that him and Felicity make an excellent team, and they agree to go into business together.

All in all, another great episode in a season that is really looking like a return to form for Arrow. And with the (spoiler alert) impending return of romantic Olicity, Arrow fans could finally be getting everything they’ve always wanted from this show – a solid balance of ass-kicking, politics, family, friendship, and romance. We can’t wait to see what comes next for Team Arrow.

On that note, we’ll leave you with some fatherly advice from the former Green Arrow:

arrow 6x02

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