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‘Teen Wolf’: 10 Stiles GIFs that are relatable AF

Teen Wolf may have ended, but our love of the show and Stiles hasn’t! Stiles was the only human in the pack and we loved that about him. We may not ever be in the crazy situations that Stiles was in (thank goodness), but that doesn’t mean we didn’t relate to the GIFs on a personal level. Here are 10 times these Stiles GIFs were relatable AF.

#1 When your dog is chewing on something he shouldn’t and you have to chase him to get it:

#2 When a random person knocks on your door and asks if you’re busy:

#3 When you know you’re right but you “try” to hear the other person out:

#4 When you get your eyeliner perfect on the first try:

#5 When you think about everything you have to do tomorrow:

Teen Wolf Stiles

#6 When you binge an entire series in a weekend:

Teen Wolf Stiles

#7 When someone is talking to you and you pretend to listen:

teen wolf stiles

# 8 When you say goodbye to your pets before you leave the house:

#9 When you try to magically undo something awkward you just did:

teen wolf stiles

#10 And finally, when you convince someone to start watching Teen Wolf:

teen wolf stiles

There is a Stiles GIF for every part of your life! Which one fits you best? Hit the comments or find us on Twitter! and share your fav!

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