‘The Shannara Chronicles’ recap: 2×02 “Wraith”

The Shannara Chronicles recap: Season 2, Episode 2, “Wraith” aired Oct. 18th, 2017

Things are definetly picking up speed and the latest episode of Shannara really kicked things into high gear. Even though the season just started, it looks like everything is already starting to fall apart. So without further ado let’s talk about “Wraith.”

The Gist

On the way to Arborlon, Eretria and Lyria are captured by a group of Rovers.

A bounty hunter seemingly comes to their rescue, only to knock out Eretria and take Lyria along with him. Turns out that Lyria is actually a princess who quite literally ran away from her kingdom and her mom, Queen Tamlin.

Queen Tamlin is proposing an alliance to unite the Four Lands which she thinks can happen with the marriage of her daughter and King Ander. Still pretty much in the dark, Eretria comes to rescue Lyria, only to discover that she has been lying to her the entire time. Hurt and angry, Eretria sets off to find Wil on her own.

Wil on the other hand, has just made it to his Uncle Flick’s house with Mareth when they’re attacked by Bandon. Bandon tries to convince Wil to join his side and even tries to tell him that the Warlock Lord could bring Amberle back. Wil of course denies him, but Bandon is not going anywhere until someone tells him the location of the Warlock Lord’s skull. Flick admits that he helped hide it but it can only be accessed by a druid and a Shannara. Bandon tells Wil that if he doesn’t deliver Allanon to him in 3 days, his Uncle Flick is dead.


1. Is Catania still alive or was that stab to the stomach fatal?

2. I’m not a fan of Lyria recycling her whole “I only feel real when I’m with you” line. But something tells me that when she was with Eretria she actually meant it.

3. Is Bandon telling the truth about the Warlock Lord bringing Amberle back? Because if so…I may need to get behind this guy.

Our Rating: 7/10

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