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‘Mr. Robot’ recap: About THAT surprising death in Ep 3×02, “Undo”

Mr. Robot, 3×02 “eps3.1 undo.gz” Aired on October 18, 2017

In the long tradition of Mr. Robot twists, my mind is still all kinds of blown after last night’s episode and I having all kinds of thoughts. Sure, I caught show creator, Sam Esmail’s tweet of warning earlier yesterday advising Mr. Robot fans to watch the episode live. With that in mind, of course, I knew something big was coming, but WOW.  If you haven’t watched the episode, please be advised that this post contains some pretty major spoilers. Like mindblowing spoilers. I know. Too soon.

Welp, friends. Joanna Wellick has officially left the planet and the event itself was a doozy. She wasn’t the best person. She had a wicked stepmother vibe and was one of the most manipulative people in Elliot’s real and imagined worlds. Tyrell was just as horrible of a person, but Joanna pulled a lot of his strings. I truly missed her interactions with Tyrell throughout last season and honestly wish the show could’ve found a way for this mastermind to be involved five/nine. I’m disappointed that we’ll never get to see a deeply unsettling, but completely amazing encounter with White Rose or a nice bout of verbal sparring with Darlene. Alas, none of that was to be and it was time for Joanna to go. In Esmail we trust, so it should be interesting to see what impact her death will have on the rest of the canvas. Sure Tyrell is completely obsessed with Elliot, but there was something interesting about Joanna and Tyrell’s crazypants dynamic.

Here’s how it all went down. Joanna convinced her dude on the side, Derek, to testify against Scott Knowles. With the latter taking the fall for his wife’s murder, Tyrell would at least be free of a pending murder charge.  Derek is not very happy when he finds out that Joanna was merely stringing him along. She’s no longer divorcing Tyrell and recommits herself to the fugitive. In one of the most shocking moments of this twist-filled shows, Derek shoots his former lover and her bodyguard. Joanna’s death is pretty horrific given the fact that her newborn baby was right there in the car beside her and the baby’s face is covered with Joanna’s blood. Later the audience is treated to a very graphic autopsy (I thought it was a Halloween commercial) to make sure it was the bullet wound to the head that killed her.

With Tyrell for a Dad it’s probably a good thing that the FBI decides to keep Joanna’s death under wraps and places the kid with Child Protective Services. As much as I’ll miss this character, there are still plenty of other diabolical players left at this table. Like White Rose and Phillip Price. Price really didn’t have a clue who he was baiting, but I cannot wait to watch it all go down.

Elsewhere in the episode, Elliot is intent on right all the wrongs of the world. Or at least the wrongs that he and Mr. Robot set into motion with five/nine. He’s taking his Zoloft faithfully and crying over reality tv shows like a good little couch potato. As he suggested to Angela last week, he has infiltrated EvilCorp and started into motion his plan to take down the company from the inside. It is definitely not a five/nine level scheme, but it’s something and Elliot needs to feel like he’s doing something. Anything. He’s even back to attending therapy with Krista.

I did not realize that Elliot never told Krista about his father shoving him out of that window. For some reason, I thought he did and that moment reminded me that Elliot was not to be trusted when telling a story. So I’m watching, but noting this conversation for reference later in the season. Elliot tells the therapist that he has been avoiding Darlene because he thinks his sister is one of his triggers. Someone she brings Mr. Robot out of him. There was that moment in this episode when Darlene actually said that she wished their dad was there. Bet Darlene really regretted those words when she came face-to-face with Elliot’s more aggressive alter.

Granted it was probably less Darlene wishing for their father’s presence and more about Darlene being a crappy spy and totally obvious about messing with Elliot’s computer while he was asleep. Elliot or Mr. Robot uses the spyware Darlene installed to hack into the FBI’s files. He manages to find Darlene’s new spot. Despite Darlene telling her bro that she was getting out of Dodge. Hopefully, the siblings can figure a way to get them both out of trouble with the FBI and to counteract whatever fresh disaster Angela and Mr. Robot have brewing.

Christian Slater as Mr. Robot has always been very sly. This week he was scary AF. I literally worried for Krista’s secret. Like oh, no she’s seen his face,” but that’s silly. She was seeing Elliot, but clearly, both Darlene and Krista were equally freaked out by their respective encounters with the alter. What wouldn’t Mr. Robot do to ensure his endgame? After the way he got into Darlene’s face, I’m pretty sure that there is no line that will remain uncrossed. Here’s to an interesting season to come.


What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you completely thrown by that surprise death? And who do you think broke into Darlene’s place? Mr. Robot or Elliot?  Tweet us at @Pure_Fandom or me personally @jenndeve. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments on the season so far.


Mr. Robot airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c

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