‘Gotham’ recap: 4×05 “The Blade’s Path”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 05, “The Blade’s Path,” Aired Oct 19, 2017

This episode was classic Gotham. Jim and Harvey yelled at each other but are still undoubtedly best friends. Jim and Alfred argued and agreed behind Bruce’s back, and Bruce snuck out anyway. We all need an Alfred to give advice and keep us from going down dark paths, but he sure lets Bruce escape a lot. We got the transition of another classic villain, who enters into a delightful bromance with our still-recovering Nygma. Meanwhile, Sofia and Penguin have an intimate dinner. Let’s cannonball right into the Slaughter Swamp and start this recap.

Born on a Monday

Gotham 4x05 recap The Blade's Path Solomon Grundy

The episode opens with a comatose Butch getting taken to the aptly named “Slaughter Swamp” to be left for dead. This is Gotham after all, so naturally, we knew he wouldn’t stay dead. Cue a barrel of toxic sludge from Indian Hill, and Solomon Grundy is born!

PS: To learn where he got the name, look up the nursery rhyme, “Solomon Grundy.”

Falcone v. Penguin

Gotham 4x05 recap The Blade's Path Sofia Falcone and Penguin

Penguin begins by adding “Kill Sofia Falcone?” (yes, with the question mark) to his to-do list, and Sofia goes to her father’s remaining loyalists for a favor: hosting a dinner for her and Penguin at their restaurant. The dinner is sufficiently awkward, as you might think. Sofia seems to be playing at Penguin’s emotional, more vulnerable side by serving up one of his mother’s recipes.  She succeeds, as Penguin had to run out as soon as the memory became too much.

Then, it became battle of the sad backstories. Penguin misses his mother, and Sofia said no one ever did anything nice for her without wanting something in return. The moment where Sofia helps Penguin with his foot is endearing to an outsider, but I’m definitely suspicious. At least neither of them have killed the other (yet).

Set me free

Gotham 4x05 recap The Blade's Path Ra's al Ghul and Barbara Kean

When will Bruce learn he can’t yet act as a successful vigilante without help? After sneaking into Ra’s al Ghul’s cell and deciding to listen to Alfred’s advice and NOT kill him, Ra’s has his guards take Bruce “below.” While Alfred and Jim try to rescue their escapee upstairs, Ra’s al Ghul asks Bruce to kill him and end his suffering. He initially refuses, but Ra’s knew all the right buttons to push and he goaded Bruce into stabbing him. Oh, boy.

Also, what was up with Ra’s al Ghul’s encounter with Barbara? He has (had) something up his sleeve.

Grundy friend help

Gotham 4x05 recap The Blade's Path Solomon Grundy Ed Nygma bromance

After failing to rob a pharmacy for something to make him smart again, Nygma runs into Butch – er… Grundy. Butch-turned-Grundy notices that Nygma knows him and befriends him immediately. After putting up a fight against the alliance, Nygma gets on board. I think Grundy and Nygma are my new favorite bromance on this show (you know, minus Nygma using Grundy for money and, ultimately, his own selfish gains).


Next week’s trailer was super creepy. It had pig heads and a creepy song playing over the whole thing. The first thing I want to see next week is Lee, who showed up in the last scene in tonight’s episode. She’s dark and working as the doctor at Cherry’s (the underground fighting ring Nygma and Grundy ended up at). I need to know more! We also haven’t seen Selina or Ivy for a while, but it doesn’t quite look like they’ll make an appearance next week.

Tune in next Thursday to see what’s up with Pyg. Will we be seeing the Circus of Strange?


Next week:

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