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10 Instagram fan artists you should be following

TV and film are primarily sources of entertainment. Great TV and film not only entertain, but inspire thousands through literature, music and art. Fan artists allow their followers to go beyond their imaginations and visually see all sorts of creative character portraits and ship fantasies played out in illustrations.

As a fellow fan artist myself, I’ve been involved in the Instagram fan artist community for years. It’s a fun place to share ideas, celebrate favorite characters and scenes, and inspire others. Being in the Instagram fan art community, I’ve come across several favorites that you should definitely check out!

1. UpTheHillArt

If you need your Harry Potter fix, this must be your go-to Instagram fan artist! You can find edgy, beautiful interpretations of your favorite characters, as well as canon and non-canon ships that come together perfectly in her illustrations!

2. MeganCrisp2424

If you love Once Upon A Time, you’re definitely going to want to follow this Instagram fan artist! How magical are her illustrations?

3. Svenjaliv

This artist creates stunning fan art from all different fandoms: Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Once Upon A Time, Shadowhunters… go see for yourself and fall in love with the dreamy illustrations!

4. LuluSketches

This Instagram fan artist does beautiful fan art inspired by many fandoms including Shadowhunters, The Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, and more! She also works as an animation artist on Disney’s Tangled The Series, and often posts the beautiful background illustrations she does on the show!

5. DanielKordek

This Instagram fan artist creates beautiful illustrations of our favorite superheroes and TV characters! It’s hard not to get lost in his beautiful drawings that have a very unique and magical style.

6. FlipperBrain

As a huge Once Upon A Time fan and avid Captain Swan shipper, I must put this Instagram fan artist on the list! If you’re obsessed with Emma Swan and Killian Jones, you’re going to want to follow this artist with an account solely dedicated to dreamy Captain Swan Art!

7. Fdasuarez

This Instagram artist creates breathtaking illustrations inspired by Disney and TV shows. Take a look at one of her latest series, Modern Disney Princesses!

8. Jasricart

A fan artist with a bit of a darker, edgier style, you will love this Instagram artist for her beautiful vision and interpretation of our favorite TV characters. It’s the perfect account to follow if you’re a fan of the DC Comics and/or Game of Thrones!

9. JasonPalmerArt

This Instagram artist creates stunning art based on TV shows and film. He can often be found with his own booths at conventions like Comic Con where fans can buy his incredible art!

10. ArtbyNikita

If you want to take a look at my fan art account, you can expect illustrations from all sorts of fandoms like Once Upon A Time, Outlander, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and more!

Fan art is one of my favorite creative outlets, and it can be yours too! Whether you love to draw or just admire art, the fan art community on Instagram is huge and can provide some fun inspiration and excitement on your feed!


Nikki Jansen

Nikki is a college student who loves to fangirl over TV shows and write about it! When she's not studying you can find her reading, illustrating and obsessing over dogs.

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